Shimano XC70

Shimano XC70 Shoes Review [Wide Fit MTB Shoe]

Shimano XC70 Shoes Review [Wide Fit MTB Shoe]

The high-end shoes Shimano XC90 are undoubtedly among the best footwear in the market but remain relatively expensive.

The XC70 range is a perfect compromise between performance and affordable price.

Check out the Shimano XC70  mtb shoes review below.

Starting with the outsole, carbon fiber at the shim plate and reinforcing the fiberglass on the rest of the sole, which allows to combine lightness and rigidity for efficient energy transfer.

Spikes limit the jam under the sole during wet conditions. However, these are relatively fine. Crampons may be a bit fragile if you walk on rocky terrain. Between the studs of the front part and those in the rear of the XC70 is a thin layer of silicone. It protects the base of the shoe.

To improve comfort, and reduce friction points, Shimano offers a thermoformable inner sole and with possibilities of adaptation at the arch. Once the shoes are thermoformed, preferably in a Shimano dealer, the foot leans perfectly on the entire surface. The comfort over long distances and rough terrain is real.

Shimano xc70 spd custom fit mountain bike shoes

You have the choice between two additions of more or less thick foot arch support and to optimize the energy transfer.

It is a shame not to enjoy this Custom-Fit technology.Without thermoforming these shoes will still remain comfortable and efficient.

The Custom-Fit technology is also applied to the upper. The durable synthetic leather is also thermoformable which limits the movements of the foot inside the shoe and reduces the unpleasant pressure at the instep.

To prevent the heel out of the boot, an abrasive cloth is added inside of the shoe at the support of the Achilles tendon. In the end there is total shoe comfort while being efficient. It was tested on a 24 hour race then marathons without any discomfort.

To finish with design, black synthetic leather makes it a shoe that is both elegant and unobtrusive. A vent on the front of the shoe easily makes it bearable in the summer. The tip of the shoe is reinforced by a black plastic layer that gives the shoe an aggressive tip and absorbs damage.

Shimano XC70 makes the cut for any avid mountain biker looking for shoe that is tough and comfortable uphill. 

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Last Updated on July 2, 2023

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