Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

Schwinn Protocol 1.0 mountain bike is perfect for men who wants to enjoy mountain biking adventures. This is a good-looking mountain bike and suitable for an outdoor challenge. The amazing features of the bike will not only make your adventure special but also safe and sound.

The durable frame of the mountain bike with maximum control will always give you the spirit to plan to go for an adventure. This is a dual-suspension featured bike for men to offer smooth riding experience in off-road action.

Feature of Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

When you search for the features of the mountain bike, you will notice some similarities with Diamondback sorrento. The only reason is because there are some things in common.

  • Lightweight with Perfect Design

The mountain bike is light weight, so, you can easily carry the parts after untying them for storing. Moreover, the triangle design of the bike is excellent for any person. Red with white color combination really makes the bike very special to the adventure loving people.

  • Sturdy Frame & Steel Rear

This is a dual suspension frame bike for the crazy bicycle riders. The aluminum bicycle makes it very comfortable and lightweight to the users. Moreover, rust-resistant frame will give you a solid structure of the bike.

In addition, the triangle frame is made of steel rear to support maximum weight of the rider. According to the manufacturer, the bike can handle more than 220 lbs weight without buckling.

  • Excellent Rims and Tires

This is a standard riding bike because of its high profile rims and tires. The 26-inch tires will always support you in any conditions of the road. No matter if you are riding on smooth roads or in hilly tracks, you will have a comfortable ride.

The black bladed spokes are very powerful but light to give good traction power. Moreover, the designers use knobby tires in order to give you an excellent grip option to the bike. In short, you will have full control over your bike in both sunny and rainy conditions.

  • Smooth Ride Experience

The manufacturer focuses on the design of the bike to give maximum support and smooth riding experience. This is special for hill riding because of the design and structure of the bike. Moreover, the brakes are enough powerful to stop the bicycle whenever you want. Although you may have a problem with the seat, you can replace it with a comfortable and soft seat.

  • Outstanding Braking System

Brake is very important for any mountain bike; therefore, you will get Front Prom-ax Disc in the braking zone. This is special brake equipment that makes the task easier and more comfortable to handle the bike than other bicycles. As a result, you don’t need to fear of accidents because of hard brake or brake’s failure.

Benefit of Schwinn protocol 1.0

When you have set your mind to purchase a mountain bike, you need to do some research. While you are researching, you should pay attention to the benefits of the mountain bike as well as the negative sides. If you know the benefits of each mountain bike, this will make your decision easier than before.

Schwinn Protocol 1.0 mountain bike is a perfect bike because of its wonderful gearing.

Wonderful Gearing: This is a mountain bike that offers an amazing experience for wearing. The gearing system of the bike is very smooth and fast. No more problems while changing the gear suddenly. The designers of the bike use the Shimano EF-50 trigger shifters in this. As a result, this provides you 24 speeds with great control. As a result, the shifters will work very precisely and smoothly whenever you change it.


  • Great quality mountain bike with excellent design
  • Gear shifting is very smooth and precise
  • Easy handling option with adjustable options
  • Lightweight bike with proper stable facility
  • The parts are very easy to assemble and untie for storage
  • Responsive and well-controlled brakes


  • Seat is not as comfortable as you expect
  • No facility to carry water bottle in the bike
  • Fine tuning is important regularly

How to Install & The Schwinn Mountain Bike

Knowing how to install the bicycle that you have purchased is very important for any person. If you do not know the way to assemble the bike, this is wise to take the bike parts to the professional bike store.

The mountain bicycle offers a manual instruction book in order to help you to assemble this. As a result, you can read, watch the pictures and prepare the essential equipments that you will need.

Join the handles, brakes, gearing and seat on the main aluminum frame structure. Don’t forget to adjust the height of the seat while joining them. Then, take the pedals and join them, if you do not like the pedals, you can buy them separately.

At last, you will need to join the wheels and balance the bike. Don’t forget to have a test ride before the day of your adventurous journey. If you are not interested to assemble the mountain bike of your own, you should consider taking the parts to the bike store.

Maintenance guideline for Schwinn protocol 1.0

Well, you are investing a high amount of money; don’t you think you need extra care for the mountain bike? If yes, then, don’t be lazy to work for this.

Most of the professional bike riders prefer to untie the parts of the bike for easy-storage. Moreover, this helps you to store the bike in a small space without damage.

Don’t forget to check and re-check the gearing is smooth or rough. Use lubricant oil to the shifters if this is not enough smooth. However, don’t apply too much oil in order not to make it slippery.


The mountain bicycle is an amazing option to enjoy adventurous journey at anywhere. Because of the excellent features of the mountain bike, you can ride smoothly in both wet and dry roads. Moreover, mountain hills, off-road action will not able to create any obstacle to your journey.

The powerful brakes will always give you the power to control the bike in every step of the journey. Moreover, the smooth gearing will fix the smooth shifting with good handling. In addition, the adjustable or renovation chances, for example, changing the pedals or seat to feel more comfortable is the biggest plus point of the mountain bike. Do you really want to miss these advantages on your adventurous journey?

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