Schwinn Bike 20 Inch

Schwinn Bike 20 Inch [High Timber Mountain Bike]

If you are looking for an affordable, sturdy, and a well-performing bike, then the Schwinn high timber mountain bike, 20-inch wheels is just what you need.

Also known as the Schwinn 7-speed bike, it is among the most popular among the bike community.

The most important element for your adventurous rides is a bike. For that reason, you should not buy a bicycle just because of its appearance.

Features of the bike are very important to consider before buying a bike. Schwinn 20-Inch Bike Review that will help you decide whether this is the bike for you or not.

This bike is designed to be the ideal companion when commuting to and fro work, or when you just want to ride around your local area.

Categorized as an urban leisure bicycle, this bike comes with very many benefits – plus it is very pocket-friendly.

This bike is steel mountain-style frame – its frame loops down providing the rider with more space to easily hop on or off it. Its mechanism comes in handy for those who live in small apartments and do not have a lot of storage space.

Schwinn Bike 20 Inch

Frame and construction on Schwinn bike 20 inch

Just as the name suggests, Schwinn-bicycle has a looped shape that makes it very comfortable and easy for the rider to get on or off it.

Its low stand over frame ensures that no restrictions barricade the rider in case he/she needs to alight or hop on quickly. This item also comes with a built-in carrier located at the back.

Here, the user can easily transport more stuff. Thanks to the bike’s sturdiness, it asserts great balance throughout. This item is made from high-quality materials – it is very strong and durable.


This Schwinn bike 20 inch has to be one of the best-priced bikes in its class range. It is affordable to almost all people who are working within a budget.

If you have been looking for a bicycle that offers great features, is durable, easy to set up, and lightweight, then this is just what you need.

This pocket-friendly bike is suitable for anyone needing a cheaper alternative of moving around. The features are great – manufacturers ensure you get great value for your money.

This is also a perfect gift to buy any of your family member or a friend. Spend countless hours cycling around together.

A bike is a very convenient and fast means of travel; giving someone a Schwinn for his or her birthday will undoubtedly be the best present – especially in our traffic congested environment.

Smooth gear system and braking system

Before investing in a bike, it is recommended that you test the gear system. You want one that is easy to access, well designed, and easy to use. Schwinn folding bike is fitted with an adjustable 7-speed Shimano grip shifting system.

These 7 gear settings can be adjusted to meet your riding speed. You are not restricted to just one or two speeds when you ride.

Easily crank up the gear for more speed or revert back for slower speeds. That said breaking the bike from high speeds to a complete stop is swift and safe.

This bike has a powerful braking system that brings the bike to a complete halt within no time. The long-lasting front and back linear pull brakes halt your bike as per your command.

A strong braking system is very important on any bike because you are constantly braking to avoid oncoming obstacles.

Features Of Schwinn 20-Inch Bike

  • Wheels: This model has 8.7 x 43.3 x 21.6 inches
  • Weight: Weights in at 33 pounds
  • Speed: Comprises of 7-speeds with SRAM MRX grip shift
  • Comes with a nylon bag that is used to store the folded bike


  • Its alloys frame is very strong and durable
  • It is very affordable – granted it does not comprise of all features found in more expensive bikes, this model holds its own
  • Perfect entry bike – if you have never used a bicycle before, this item is just what you need. It is easy to use, easy to fold, and easy to store
  • This model has great braking system the 7-speeds gear shift allows you to tackle any terrain


  • Compared to other bikes, this model is not as lightweight
  • You are not able to lock or tie wheels after it
  • Its handlebar does not adjust – if you are tall or short, it is best to look for a bike that suits you

Frequently asked questions

  • Are there any other available colors?
  • This model is only available in Black and Green. If you are a colorful person, you can have the bicycle repainted to suit your personality
  • What is the maximum rider’s weight?
  • This item can accommodate weight up to 104kg (229.3 lbs)
  • Any crank set?
  • It has a 3-piece single crank set.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a great bike that is affordable, durable, lightweight, stable, and well structured, then Schwinn 20-Inch Bike is a perfect choice.

This bicycle has a strong braking system, which gives you full control over your bicycle; it has a great 7-gear system – you can crank up your speed for a smooth ride.

The wheels act as absorbers protecting you from any bumps when you are riding over bumpy and uneven terrain.

No matter the surface, be it grass, gravel, soil, etc, Schwinn 20 Inch Bike will conquer. For its price range, you cannot find another bike that offers such great value for your money.

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