Schwinn 130 vs 170 vs a10

Schwinn 130 vs 170 vs a10 – Upright Series Bike

Are you interested to know about all the individual differences of Schwinn 130 vs 170 vs a10? Then your search will be over right here. Because in this article, we will articulately compare and analyze various aspects of the three pre-stated models of Schwinn upright bikes. This comparison will give light on your purchasing decision.

Schwinn 130 vs 170 vs a10

Schwinn 130Schwinn 170Schwinn A10
Resistance TypeMagneticMagneticMagnetic
Resistance Levels20258
No. of Programs29227
Bluetooth ConnectivityYesNoNo
Heart RateContact &
Telemetry Enabled
Display Type2 Blue Backlit LCD Displays2 DualTrack LCD DisplaysLCD Display
USB Charging PortYesYesYes
Media TrayYesYesYes
Built-In Bottle HolderYesYesYes
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In the year 1895, Ignaz Schwinn along with his partner Adolph Arnold launched Schwinn at Chicago. Very soon the brand name became quite popular in the arena of all sorts of exercise bikes. They are reigning the market for over 100 years and continuing.

The upright bike series of Schwinn is well acknowledged for the robust build design, super comfortable ride, and so many other user-friendly features. They provide us with one of the most well-organized designs ever made in the field of upright bikes. Here you can avail the most finely mixed combination of top-notch quality and unbelievable value.

So, you do not need to go outside for doing any challenging workout. You can do each challenging cycling exercises now being at your own home with the utmost comfort because Schwinn gives us the greatest fitness gear at a most excellent price.

In the market of upright bikes, there are three very prominent bikes of Schwinn ruling right now. These models are 130, 170 and a10. Before buying a Schwinn upright bike, people generally become confused about which one to choose among the pre-mentioned three options. Because all of these options are so good. For help in choosing the best option, we are here! In this very article, we will compare these features of Schwinn 130, 170 and a10-

  1. Bluetooth connectivity
  2. Number of programs
  3. Number of user profiles
  4. Heart rate
  5. Resistance level
  6. Display type
  7. Maximum User Weight
  8. Fore/Aft Seat AdjustmentVirtually travel the world

So, let’s scrutinize and thoroughly compare all these significant features of Schwinn 130, 170 and a10 to discover the best upright bike among these three options.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Contemporarily, Bluetooth connectivity in the upright bikes is a widespread expectation rather than a luxury. People generally expect the connection of the upright bike with their other devices through Bluetooth for making every session of workout more efficient. Therefore, the fitness-focused people now seek for the fitness gears which are Bluetooth-enabled to use at their home gym.

There are so many profits of having the Bluetooth feature in the upright bike. Firstly, having a Bluetooth connection between the exercise machine as well as some other devices; for instance, mobile phone, fitness tracker, tablet etc. If you own a fitness tracking device, then it is effortless for you to send the workout performance data of you from the upright bike to the fitness tracker device via the connectivity of Bluetooth. You can track the vital exercise performance data, e.g. distance, time, speed, rate of stroking etc. and use them further for planning the meals or setting workout schedules.

The other advantage of having Bluetooth connection between the upright bike and tablet or mobile phone is the ability of the user to stream media. The smarter fitness gears allow its users for wirelessly streaming music in LCD console displays via the connection of Bluetooth. Because most upright bikes do not feature built-in music players if someone listens to some motivational music or anything he or she loves to listen at the time of the workout, they get a strong push to go a long way. The exercise session does not get boring at all.

You will not get these benefits in Schwinn 130 and a10 as they lack this feature of Bluetooth connectivity while Schwinn 170 is standing out. Schwinn 170 features premium Bluetooth connectivity. Therefore, if you wish to get all these profits while exercising, you should surely choose Schwinn 170. Because the upgraded Bluetooth connectivity feature of Schwinn 170 allows its user to set, precisely track and accurately monitor the growth by so many widespread app-based fitness tracking tools; for instance, MyFitnessPal, Explore the World etc.

Number of Programs

The programs of the upright bikes which are built-in, allow its user to use the pre-planned workout procedures. Makers of the bikes set and make these preset programs for serving various purposes. According to the target the user wants to achieve, the upright bike will offer the most suited program which will contain all the essential functions.

Suppose, the target of one user may be to work on the lungs and heart. On the other hand, another user may focus on burning fat only. Here both the types of users can do the workout with these preset programs. Thus, it will be much easier to gain their respective individual targets. If someone has a couple of targets or even more, they can also workout with preset programs for all of those targets.

So, from here we understand that the more programs a bike will have, the better it is. Because it will give more options to work out on, Schwinn 130, 170 and a10 are providing the following numbers of programs respectively; 22, 29 and 7. Here we can see that we are availing most of the numbers of programs in Schwinn 170. Schwinn 130 is a decent option, as well. But sadly, a10 is doing a poor job. So, Schwinn 170 is leading in this feature.

Number of User Profiles

The user profile is the workout portfolio for any individual user containing all the required exercise performance information of that specific user only. In every profile of the user, you can include all these given information; user name ( containing up to 12 characters), total time, the total quantity of exercises, total lost calories, entire distance covered, initial weight, current weight, target weight, variation in weight (initial weight – current weight), age, height and customized workout (profile of time and program).

So, we can understand that the more availability of user profile will be in an upright bike, the more user will be able to work out on it for the wellbeing of one’s health. Schwinn a10 offers the minimum quantity of user profile one can give, which is just 1. Schwinn 130 gives average service, only a couple of user profiles. In contrast, Schwinn 170 offers you the most numbers of the user profile. Here you can set 4 different user profiles. Therefore, undoubtedly Schwinn 170 is ahead in this aspect with a vast margin.

Here Schwinn 130 is appropriate for 1 to 2 users. But then again, if the number of users of your upright bike is more than two or often have guests residing at your home who may want to use the upright bike to exercise, then you should go for Schwinn 170. Because 170 will allow four different individuals to workout as well as have their respective profiles saved in the machine. Nonetheless, if you are sure that there will be only one user of your upright bike, then you can choose Schwinn a10. Or else, it is always better to choose the option having more numbers of user profiles.

Heart Rate

Exercising in upright bike strengthens the muscle as well as burns a lot of calories. You can perform this up-tempo workout both at the gym or home. The heart rate the user will have while doing this sort of exercise is unique because no specific heart rate is perfect for this type of workouts.

You can increase the heart rate by performing aerobics like cycling. However, too high heart rate is unhealthy for a person who is using an upright bike. So, being informed about the appropriate heart rate and monitoring it throughout the session makes every workout session more efficient.

Different upright bikes follow different mechanisms to measure the heart rate. Typically, it has a sensor for heart-rate which measures it in many ways like contact only, contact as well as enabled telemetry.

Schwinn 130 and Schwinn a10 both measure the heart rate by the only contact. Schwinn 170 follows the mechanism of contact and telemetry enabled. Therefore, Schwinn 170 provides more precise and accurate data of heart rate in comparison to the rest two options. So, if the user wants to know the exact heart rate while working out, then he or she definitely and undoubtedly should go for Schwinn 170.

Resistance Levels

The tension level or resistance level is a significant feature of an upright bike. Because, while cycling outdoor, the gravity, weight of the body and inclined pavements play an essential and lively role. But in case of cycling on flat surfaces, these factors do not make any impact as upright indoor bikes are usable on the flat surfaces only, so it is so essential to have numerous levels of resistance in the bike. Or else, you will pedal without putting any significant effort.

After raising the level of tension in an upright bike, pedalling becomes harder and decreasing the resistance levels means pedalling with providing minimum efforts. So, it is essential to have several levels of resistance. If you have many options, then you can choose your exact tension level.

Schwinn 130, 170 and a10 feature 20, 25 and 8 levels of resistance respectively. By the time now we know that the more resistance levels the bike has, the better it is. So, we can declare that Schwinn 170 is in the initial position. Schwinn 130 lies in the average rank. But honestly, a10 doing an abysmal job in this case.

Display Type

Display Type Of Schwinn 130 vs 170 vs a10

Mostly, the upright bikes feature console displays where the user can track and monitor all the essential workout performance statistics like heart rate, time, calories burned, distance, speed etc. It is essential to have a good LCD console display monitor for measuring the performance. Because, when you articulately measure the ins and outs of the progress of your performance, you automatically get a boost to go further.

In Schwinn 130, you will avail 2 DualTrack LCDs. Schwinn 170 feature 2 DualTrack Blue Backlit LCDs and Schwinn a10 come with a single LCD only.

Here both Schwinn 130 and 170 are excellent options to go for than the last one as the former two come with finest DualTrack LCDs. Conversely, Schwinn a10 provides only a single piece of basic LCD. Between 130 and 170, the latter one is even better because its two DualTrack LCDs are Blue Backlit which increases the readability of the data displayed on the LCD.

Maximum User Weight

The limit of user weight in an upright bike refers to the total weight the machine can bear. Here the term weight includes the weight of the user, additional accessories, e.g. clothing, shoes, dumbbells etc. It is essential to know the user weight limit of the machine you are going to use. If the weight becomes a burden for the machine and the limit gets crossed, then the machine will be damaged.

Schwinn’s upright bikes have a weight capacity ranging from 275 to 300 pounds. Both the Schwinn 130 and 170 can bear the user weight of 300 pounds while Schwinn a10 can bear 275 pounds.

So, it would help if you chose the upright bike keeping the user weight in mind. If the user weight is within 275 pounds, then you can choose Schwinn a10. But practically, it is better to choose the upright bike which has more weight enduring ability so that no user, along with their additional accessories, faces any troublesomeness to use the bike. Consequently, in this case, both Schwinn 130 and 170 will be better options than a10.

Fore/Aft Seat Adjustment

The fore or aft position of seat refers to the distance between the seat and the handlebar. It is essential to have this positioning appropriate as it impacts on your balance and the overall level of comfort, efficiency and power.

If you set the saddle of your bike too far to the handlebar, then you will need lots of power even on the flat surfaces or slight inclines. In this case, it also becomes to maintain a high tempo. Moreover, it can cause knee pain in the backside of the knee as well.

On the other hand, if your seat is too close to your handlebar, then you will use your upper body very much, and it will cause much tension in your arms and shoulders. You also may have sore hands in this case. Also, it will be the reason for knee pain on the front side of your knee.

Therefore, now you can realize the importance of having the chance to adjust the fore/aft position of the seat. Now, let’s see whether we will get to avail this feature in Schwinn 130, 170 and a10 or not. Schwinn 130 is failing to give us this opportunity whereas Schwinn 170 and a10 are allowing us in fore/aft seat adjustment.

Virtually travel the world

Is it possible to have the feel of travelling around the world while doing indoor upright biking? Does it not sound like dreaming? But yes, it is not a dream anymore! Now, you can have this feeling and make a virtual tour through The Explore the World App. This app lets you travel around the globe, virtually being in home comfort. It automatically fine-tunes in real-time the speed of Schwinn Fitness products which are Bluetooth enabled.

You can choose from various options of the journey, course length and destinations. For example, 5Ks cycling through the countryside of Japan, 10Ks cycling through the highlands of Scotland, full marathons of riding through Prague’s streets, and a lot more. So, now you can challenge yourself for travelling the entire world which will give you motivations to add new destinations each month.

This app allows you to travel dozens of sites around the globe, track your progress weekly and keep a journal of it, play adaptive video matching with your speed. You can also synchronize your workout data with the MapMyRun or Strava accounts of yours. Here you will get three free courses and can unlock all the courses after having the subscription.

Among these three models of Schwinn upright bikes, only Schwinn 170 is offering you this facility where you can virtually travel the whole world while cycling at home. Unfortunately, the rests do not come with this lucrative feature.

Bottom Line

After examining all the features, we can announce that Schwinn 170 is the undisputed winner in the fight of Schwinn 130 vs 170 vs a10. Schwinn 170 is leading in all of the features. Schwinn 130 seems to be an average option, and a10 should get the least preference.

Last Updated on September 19, 2023

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