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Razor A2 vs A3 vs A4 vs A5 – The Best Value Kick Scooter

Why walk? If you can roll. Scooters are powered by you just like a skateboard, wherein you have to use your legs to propel yourself at required speed without wasting any petrol or gas.  With height adjustable handles, it grows with your kid. If it is durable enough, it can last for many years to come.

Razor believes in providing you and your kids some of the best riding solutions and that’s why they manufacture different kick scooter models.

One of their best traditional scooter lines is the A series, which consists of four current models – A2, A3, A4, and A5 Lux.

We will clear the air on each one of them and then you can decide which model suits you better. Shall we?

Razor A2 vs A3 vs A4 vs A5 comparison 2022

 Razor A2Razor A3Razor A4Razor A5
Dimensions13 x 26.5 x 34 inches30 x 13 x 35.5 inches9.8 x 1.6 x 2.8 inches
Weight5.5 pounds8.2 pounds2.2 pounds9.4 pounds
Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price

Design and built

Let us start with the basic model A2. It’s aluminum build looks classy and adds to your style. Believe it or not, but it also has a wheelie bar.

One step ahead, the A3 also has a virtually identical design with the same building material and wheelie bar but has bigger wheels.

Big wheel, means you will get a smoother ride and better control. Even after bigger wheels, the maximum rider weight capacity for A3 remains at 143 pounds (65 kg), which is the same for A2 as well.

The other two models A4 and A5 are also constructed using aluminum, but of aircraft grade. In addition to being tough and durable, they also have high weight capacity for riders – 220 pounds (100 kg).

Weight capacity is the same, but A5 lux has bigger dimensions than A4. A4 is 27 x 13.5 x 36.75 inches and A5 is 35 x 21 x 41 inches.

As you can see, with this height, A5 will be better for all youngsters. With such dimensions and built material, both A4 and A5 have superior weight tolerance.

If you want a ride that can last for long without any trouble, these two are the great choices.

Wheels and control

In this lot, A2 has the smallest wheel with ABEC-5 ball bearings. All the other models including A3, A4, and A5 lux has ABEC 5 high-speed bearings.

As we already told you that A3 has bigger wheels then A2 for better balance and control. A4 also has a similar wheel diameter of 98 mm, but A5 has the largest 200 mm wheels.

So, if you need better acceleration and speed, A5 lux will be the ideal choice.

Wheels for all the scooters are manufactured by Urethane. Because of this, the wheels are virtually silent and glides freely. It also gives you the best on-road grip and avoids any possible slips.

Wheels made of urethane are known to be durable, so ride it as many miles you want, but the wheels will not wear out.

Handle and height

All four scooters have length adjustable handles, which allows the user to make changes according to their height. If you have two kids with different heights, you will find the adjustable height handles extremely useful.

A2 has a springless shock abortion mechanism that gives you a jerk free ride. In addition to adjusting heights, handlebars of A3 rotates in 30 degrees and has advanced shock absorption feature as well. You will not feel any hits and runs of the wheels on your hands.

Then comes A4, which has the most comfortable handle grip. The handles bars are reinforced with the head tube clamp so that it remains in position even under rough conditions.

Apart from that, its handles are covered with very thick foam that makes you feel easy and comfortable while kicking the scooter. Our last ride, A5 also has a very spongy grip that gives you a nice and comfortable grip.

But, some of the rugged kids do not like the in hand sponges, so the brand gives you the ability to change the handlebars. This makes the scooter versatile and even more desirable.


All the scooters that we have included on this post come with a rear fender brake that works great if you are speeding, especially while going down from steep roads.

You just have to step on the rear fender lightly and it will slow the scooter down. It may become warm if you press it too hard while at high speed, but works well if you use it with light pressure at regular intervals.

Retractable kickstand

It is always a problem to find any place to park your scooter while you are on the way and need to stop. There are plenty of reasons to make a small stop, maybe you need to talk to a friend or tie shoelaces or drink water or may be any other minor work.

In such cases, you need a wall or something where the scooter can stand because we are sure you will never want to put your new scooter on the floor.

In A2, A3 or A4 there is no other option apart from a wall or floor because none of them has a stand. While K5 lux has a retractable kickstand that can take the weight of your scooter.

Weight and portability

All the models are foldable, which makes them highly portable. Once you are done with all your riding, easily store it in any corner of your garage or living room.

To unfold the scooter, you just have to press a lever that is located in the middle. At 6 pounds both A3 and A4 are easy to carry., while A4 is comparatively heavy at 7.5 pounds.

A5 Lux stands at 10 pounds, which is relatively higher. You can easily use it to reach a taxi, bus or your own car, but carrying in your hands might be a little difficult.


If you want to buy a scooter for your kid in some attractive shades, A2 is the ideal as it comes in four different colors – red, blue (dark and light) and black. Same goes with A3, which is available in red, blue, green and black.

Things are different with A4 as it comes only in one color – black, which looks classy both on the handle and deck. If you do not like black, then there are chances that you will reject A4 and opt for A5 that comes in three different colors – blue, pink and red. All the models have a shiny metallic color that adds style to the appearance.


All the scooters require some assembly, but it is also recommended to tighten all the screws once again before hitting the road. During storage and transit, there are chances that the screws may become loose.

Not to worry, as all the models come with a user manual that will clearly state what are the screws you need to tighten and explain other how to procedures. You will also find an Allen wrench to help you with the screws.


All the riding machines start well, but A2 goes comparatively slow. A3 does well and runs smoothly. A4 excels among the three as it gives you minimal shock that’s why you always enjoy a comfortable ride. A4 was tested and passed by Razor’s professional team for maximum impact.

The team checked for its durability and performance as well. This is the only one in the lot to go through such a testing process. Our final contender A5 does well again, no questions asked. It feels solid while you ride it and gives you complete control and stability.


If you have some tricks or stunts that will perform on the scooter to impress your friends, start from A3.

Because of the small size and wheels, A2 is too compact for wheelies or any other tricks. A4 and A5 are also good, depending on your height.

Support weather conditions

We assume that you will be riding the scooters only on sunny days. If you are planning to out on any of the rides from the A series on a rainy day, please do not.

None of the models has the ability to grip a wet road or a snow-covered street. Another reason to avoid riding these “open” scooters on wet roads because the water will be sprinkled on your clothes from the rear wheel.

Easy to use

Within a few minutes, your kid will understand how to ride a scooter. They will not only enjoy riding it to different places, but the physical activities will also make them stronger.

It will also be a base to learn motorcycle riding in the future. This is nothing unique for any Razor model, this is a generic feature that we thought to mention.


A2 and A3

  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Rear fender brake
  • Professional testing for A4 to ensure performance
  • Decent weight capacity

A4 and A5

  • The high carrying capacity of 220 pounds
  • Portable
  • Smooth ride due to urethane wheels
  • Adjustable height
  • Rear fender brake

A2 and A3

  • Once folded you may feel difficult while expanding A3

A4 and A5

  • Spongy foam handle on A5 may not be suitable for all the riders
  • Ball bearing on the A4 erodes faster in case of regular usage

As we can see that none of the scooters has any safety feature apart from the rear brake that is also only to stop the ride, nothing else.

So, make sure that the kids wear a helmet, knee pads, and elbow protection before they go out with their ride. Safety should be our priority. Same goes to you as well, if you are an adult and about to experience the scooter riding.


Razor knows how to give you the best products as well as features. That is why, you get six months’ warranty on A2, A3, and A4. On A5 lux the warranty is for 1 year including 90 days’ replacement guarantee.

If you find that the scooter has any problem or it is not suitable for you, simply return it to the manufacturer. Make sure that the scooter is not physically damaged anywhere before contacting the support.

User reviews

We talked to several users and their kids riding on the scooter models that are under our radar here. What we came to know that A2 runs slow as compared to the other three models, which is acceptable.

But, apart from that, it has mostly positive ratings because of its smooth ride and durability. Being an improved model, A3 is recommended even more because of its big wheels, stability and complete control while riding.

Surprisingly, users have complaints about the loosened screws of A4 models. They stated that under regular use, they have to tighten the screws time and again. Nothing like that with A5 maybe because it is the most advanced version. It is perfect for anyone who is more than ten-year-old.

Which one should you buy?

All the Razor scooters that we talked about in this post are well worth the money. But, if you are thinking which is the perfect option for you. Read on to clear your doubts

Do you have kids that love to play outside? Or, so you have a park nearby to take your kids along where they can enjoy the ride and you can take a walk? If any question has a positive answer, then you have to go for A2, which is especially suitable for kids between 5 to 7 years.

If you have a kid more than 7 years who is learning to handle the speed, A3 is the right investment. It has big wheels, stability, fewer shocks, and better handling. A4 and A5, both are for older kids and adults. If you are looking especially for adults, then go for A5 lux, especially if you are tall.

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Best value for money

We will consider A5 lux as the best value for money as it has extra-large wheels that give you a comfortable ride without jerks.

At ten pounds, it is not that hefty and you can use it to reach anywhere and carry it with you. Looks stylish, classy and can get you some respect for sure.

Last Updated on March 3, 2022

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