In order for First Light Bicycle Tours to provide an excellent service to travelers who take a tour with us, we ask for certain information. We promise to respect your privacy, keep your information confidential and never to sell your address or private information to any commercial parties. We use a secure server with the latest encryption software to protect your online information from unwanted eyes. Any information you provide on our website is treated as securely as our phone, fax or mail channels when booking a tour and kept in the strictest confidence.

We ask for basic information such as your name, phone number and credit card number and expiration date so that we can contact you, accurately identify you and process your booking request. Height, gender and age information is also requested so that we can properly fit you to the right bicycle and/or match you with a roommate of the same-sex and similar age group in the event you are traveling solo and wish to share a room with another traveler.

We ask you to provide any personal preferences you may have in order to provide you with the highest standard of personal service. We don’t promise the moon, but we’ll certainly try hard to satisfy your request. In addition, some travelers have special considerations regarding what they eat. By knowing this in advance, we can alert the Trip Guides to more easily accommodate these needs whenever possible.

We also ask you to provide any important dates or occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, retirements or other dates that are important to you. This information is then passed on to the Trip Guides in advance of the trip. We keep records of this information so that youre personal preferences and requests are accommodated on any future trips you take with us.