Nautilus U614 vs U616 vs U618

Nautilus U614 vs U616 vs U618 – Upright Bike Series

We have come up with this article to compare Nautilus U614 Vs. U616 Vs. U618, as Nautilus upright bike range, has different bikes, and many people become confused about which one to get.

Hopefully, this write-up will help you make a perfect choice among the three cycles as per your requirements.

Nautilus U614 vs U616 vs U618 Overview

Nautilus U614Nautilus U616Nautilus U618
No. of Programs222929
Mixed-Reality Training-RideSocial AppRideSocial App
Performance TrackingGoal TrackNautilus Trainer 2 AppNautilus Trainer 2 App
Heart RateContactContact & Telemetry EnabledContact & Telemetry Enabled
Display2 DualTrack LCD Displays2 DualTrack Blue Backlit LCD DisplaysAdjustable Sight Line Dual-Mode LCD Displays
Resistance Levels202525
Bluetooth ConnectivityNoYesYes
USB Charging PortYesYesYes
Media TrayYesYesYes
Check On Amazon Check On Amazon Check On Amazon

The brand Nautilus does not need any extra introduction to the people aware of exercise equipment and their manufacturers. Nautilus is manufacturing exercise equipment for decades and providing its buyers and users with a top-notch experience with their products and services.

In this standard, their upright bikes are nothing exceptional. But as we all know, there is a best one among all the good ones, and that is why we have come up with this comparative article where we are going to mention the ins and outs of Nautilus U614, U616, and U618 upright bikes and also going to find out which one is the best option among the three cycles,

In this article, you are going to get a comparison of the three above mentioned bikes based on the following criteria:

  1. Number of built-in programs
  2. Maximum user weight capacity
  3. Resistance level
  4. Dimension and weight
  5. Display
  6. Monitoring heart-rate
  7. Flexibility of design

Number of Built-in Programs

The built-in or pre-set programs or mechanisms provide various options to the users and let them set the workout plan according to their individual choice. People do exercise to meet their discrete fitness goals.

For example, some people do workout for reducing body weight, some for building and developing muscles, whereas some for advancing their fitness level to a better grade. Therefore, if there are plenty of user options available in the workout machines, multiple users can exercise with a single device. This feature male the machine suitable for commercial use.

Some of the pre-built user or workout programs commonly available in upright bikes are heart rate programs, fitness test programs, different rides and challenges, manual set-up options, etc.

Let’s analyze the three Nautilus upright bikes. We can detect that the Nautilus U614 has 22, Nautilus U616, and U618 have 29 workout pre-set and customizable programs according to the users’ necessity. The Nautilus U614 contains three plans for a fun ride, three for mountain rides, and three for challenges.

Moreover, there are eight heart-rate programs, two for fitness tests, and two for user profiles to store personal information and workout statistics of different users. Whereas in Nautilus U616 and U618, 29 wide range of pre-built workout programs among those four is for custom workouts.

Others are for heart rate, challenging training, and exciting rides that make the activity more stimulating. Moreover, there are user profile options for people in these two bikes so that four people can store their workout data simultaneously.

From the above description, we can conclude that the Nautilus U616 and U618 are superior to U614 in terms of the number of user profiles this bike offers to the users as the U616 and U618 has seven more options than U614, which is a great thing. The users will get more customization options if they go for these two bikes rather than the U614.

Maximum User Weight Capacity

The term “Maximum users capacity” refers to the amount of weight an exercise machine can bear without causing any trouble. If a machine’s maximum user capacity is higher, it is a great advantage as people with different weight levels can use the equipment.

The three Nautilus bikes have different maximum user weight capacity. The maximum user weight capacity of Nautilus U6164 and U616 is 300 pounds, and that is 325 pounds for the Nautilus U618, which is greater than the earlier two.

As the Nautilus U618 offers a maximum user weight capacity of 325 pounds, it means this bike can accommodate more massive people weighing up to 325 pounds, and the other two can do the same up to 300 pounds. So you can use the U618 if you have a more prominent family with different weighted members or running a commercial gym.

Resistance Level

Resistance is a vital thing for any workout equipment, especially for bikes and elliptical machines. Resistance helps to adjust the intensity or hardness of the workout according to the necessity of the users and their workout goals.

For this reason, if there is plenty of resistance level available in a workout machine, the users can adjust the intensity of the workout as per their requirements. Moreover, different levels of resistance make the device suitable for users of different stories.

For instance, beginners can exercise with a low resistance level, which means downward pressure and intensity. On the other hand, advanced level users can set a higher number of resistance to develop their bodies’ fitness.

If we come to our taken products of this article, the Nautilus U614 offers 20 levels of magnetic resistance, which means if you do a workout with this bike, you can set your intensity of workout anywhere 1 to 20. The rest two, U616 and U618, offer a 25 wide range of resistance levels that are higher and better than the first one. With these upright bikes, the advanced level users can set the resistance level up to level 25 and assess their fitness level.

While comparing the Nautilus U614 vs. U616 vs. U618, we can easily conclude that the U616 and U618 are better than the rest as these two bikes offer more resistance levels practical workout experience. The easily adjustable resistance level and intensity of workout help exercise according to the tolerance of the body.

Dimension and Weight

The exercise machine’s proper and supple dimension and weight help exercise comfortably and make the movement and storage more convenient. If the machine’s size is unnecessarily bigger, it may cause trouble to the users and get on and off the engine.

Again, heavily weighted appliances can endure more weight; thus, the machine becomes capable of accommodating more massive weighted people, but needlessly heavier ones may become a burden for moving and storing sometimes.

Let’s look into the dimension of the three selected products of our comparative article. We can see that the Nautilus U614 and U616 are 41.8 inches long, 21.6 inches wide, and 57.6 inches high; the same for U618 is 38.5 inches long, 24 inches wide, and 58.3 inches tall. Besides, the weight of U614 is 68.1 pounds, U616 is 63 pounds, and U618 is 83.1 pounds.

So, we can see that the first two of our selected products have the same dimension, and the last one is slightly different in these criteria. The U618 is a bit shorter but more comprehensive and higher than the other two bikes.

Moreover, the first two machine weights relatively closer as the U614 weighs 68.1 pounds, and the U616 weighs 63 pounds, which is why the maximum user weight capacity of these two bikes is also the same.

On the other hand, the weight of U618 is 83.1 pounds that means this bike is heavier than the other two and can endure weight up to 325 pounds, which makes the bike better than the other ones.


Display Of Nautilus U614 vs U616 vs U618

Almost every upright bike includes a monitor or display, which shows the workout data and uses personal information. Most of the upright bikes monitor the time, speed, distance, rotation/minute, heart rate, current resistance level, etc.

This information helps the user to find out their fitness level and the progress towards their goal. Moreover, storing the data can also help to assess the development in the future. That is why a large, easily-readable, sharp, and multi-functional display is significant for an upright bike.

Three of our discussed bikes have more or less similar display types, which gives almost the same kind of advantages to the bikes’ users. The large and sharp LCD monitors of all three cycles show the time, distance, RPM, resistance level, amount of calories burned, and heart rate that help the users track their present fitness condition and plan their next step to achieve their fitness goal.

You can also turn the monitor according to your convenience to go through your workout statistics in any position and don’t have to miss any critical updates.

As all of the above bikes provide the same display facility, you may go to any of them to get a good monitor.

Flexibility of Design

Design Of Nautilus U614 vs U616 vs U618

The flexibility of design refers to an adjustable and large seat, smooth drive system, an ergonomic handlebar, a comfortable backrest, heavier flywheel, large and strapped pedals, etc.

If these features are present in an upright bike, it may give you a comfortable workout experience, which will allow you to do exercise for a long duration without getting exhausted and tired. So before having an upright bike, the buyer should consider these things to get a better and malleable biking experience.

The Nautilus U614 upright bike contains an adjustable padded seat, which is usable for users of different height, and the adjustable handlebars offer a flexible position for riding. The Nautilus U616 also has adjustable seat and handlebars and large pedals with straps that restrain slipping while doing high-intense biking, and the weight of the flywheel is 22 pounds of this bike.

On the other hand, the Nautilus U618 offers an adjustable and comfortable seat, strapped pedals, and an ergonomic handlebar for better balance. However, the remarkable fact of the U618 is its flywheel, which is 30 pounds that give efficient biking and affects the body in a significant way.

As we can see, all of the above bikes deliver a more or less comfortable biking experience to the users. Still, the Nautilus U618 is the winner here because of the heavier flywheel. As we know, the heavier the flywheel, the better the bike is.

Monitoring Heart-rate

Knowing about the accurate heart rate while doing an intense level of workout is essential. According to his or her age, if someone reaches the maximum level of heart rate, must discontinue the activity or give a pause.

It is essential for the exercise machines to show the exact or near to exact heart rate to the users unless the users may suffer from different types of troubles on a short or long-term basis.

The Nautilus U614 upright bike can measure the heart rate, but it sometimes doesn’t come out accurately. On the contrary, the U616 measures heart rate from pulse grip, which is better accurateness than Nautilus 616. But the Nautilus U618 monitors heart-rate from both pulse grip and chest strap, which gives the possible accurate result and helps the user take their steps accordingly.

Therefore, this is easily constructible that the Nautilus gives the best heart-rate monitoring output compared to the other two upright bikes.


We hope we could demonstrate an exact scenario of comparison of Nautilus U614 Vs. U616 Vs. U618 to our audience. Though there are from the same manufacturers, there is no question about the qualities of the products.

Still, we think Nautilus U618 is the champion in this race. This bike provides some extra advantages to the users, delivering a more extraordinary workout experience than the rest two cycles.

Last Updated on September 19, 2023

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