Nautilus R616 vs R618

Nautilus R616 vs R618 – Recumbent Bike Series

In this article, we will show you a brief comparison of some significant features of Nautilus R616 VS R618. Many recumbent bikes contain similar characteristics, and that’s why the buyers get confused about which one will be better for them.

For that reason, we will compare two popular and Nautilus recumbent bikes, which will help you get the best one for your requirements.

Nautilus R616 VS R618 Overview

Nautilus R616Nautilus R618
No. of Programs2929
Bluetooth ConnectivityYesYes
Immersive TrainingExplore the World AppExplore the World App
Heart RateContact & Telemetry EnabledContact & Telemetry Enabled
DisplayAdjustable Sight Line Dual-Mode LCD Displays2 DualTrack Blue Backlit LCD Displays
Resistance Levels2525
USB Charging PortYesYes
Media RackYesYes
Water Bottle HolderYesYes
Check On Amazon Check On Amazon

Nautilus is well known for delivering some of the best workout equipment over the long forty years. They have several types of exercise equipment that are very popular, and their recumbent bike is also the same.

A worthy recumbent bike should have some significant features to make the workout useful for the users. Almost all Nautilus’s recumbent bikes are doing good in the market, even though some are better than others.

For helping our audience to get the best one, we will compare the Nautilus R616 VS R618 based on the following factors:

  1. Resistance level
  2. Type of monitor
  3. Maximum user weight capacity
  4. Comfortable design
  5. Bluetooth connectivity
  6. Dimension and product weight
  7. Number of workout programs
  8. Secondary features
  9. Warranty

Resistance Level

Resistance level allows the user to adjust the workout intensity according to his or her preference and comfort range. The workout machines containing multiple resistance levels are well suited for various users as the users of any fitness level can adjust the workout intensity as they need.

Moreover, the advanced level users can assess their fitness level with a high resistance workout setting. So, the higher the number of resistance or tension level is available in the machine, the better it is.

As mentioned earlier, you are going to compare the Nautilus R616 and R618 in this article. The Nautilus R616 has 25 levels of resistance, which means the users can adjust their workout intensity in a wide range of 25 levels.

Correspondingly, the Nautilus R618 offers 25 resistance levels to the users and provides a wide range of variety in the workout intensity. You can easily adjust the intensity level according to your fitness goal and body condition.

From the above elaboration, we can see that both of the recumbent bikes have the same level of resistance, which means they can provide the same tension or opposition to the users and provide different workout intensity.

Type of Monitor

Type of Monitor Of Nautilus R616 vs R618

Almost every recumbent bike has a monitor or display for tracking the update of the workout. The recumbent bike presentation will show you your workout’s progress, which helps you track your fitness data. Most of the recumbent bikes monitor generally indicates the number of calorie burns, speed, time, resistance level, rotations per minute (RPM), distance, heart rate, duration, etc.

The monitor is adjustable, and turnable monitors are very convenient as they can adjust them according to their height.

Moreover, the large, easily readable, and sharp LCD monitors provide a clear image of the updates on what resistance level is going on, what is the heart rate in a real-time basis. Based on your real-time workout data, you can way out your future steps accordingly.

Now come to the display types of our particular products. The Nautilus R616 has an LCD monitor with a dual-track mechanism that shows the workout data like time, speed, calorie burns, RPM, etc. on a real-time basis. On the other hand, the Nautilus R618 comes with a Blue backlit display with a dual mechanism. This screen is adjustable, which allows you to adjust the screen according to your convenience.

So, both of recumbent bikes have efficient screens that allow you to track your workout data and fix the next step according to the present fitness condition. However, the Nautilus R618 bike has an adjustable monitor, tracking the updates convenient for people of any height from different sight.

Maximum User Weight Capacity

The m maximum user capacity of the recumbent bike means the full amount of weight the bike can endure. If the bike’s maximum enduring value is higher, it means people with heavier weight can do a workout on that bike.

On the other hand, bikes with lower user weight capacity can accommodate fewer people than earlier ones. So, if the maximum user weight of a recumbent bike or any other exercise machine is higher, this is advantageous for the users, and different users can use the bike.

The maximum user weight capacity of Nautilus R616 and R618 is 300 pounds and 325 pounds, respectively. That means the Nautilus R618 has more user weight capacity than the other and can bear more weight.

This feature makes the R618 suitable and usable for more people than the R616. So you can use the Nautilus R618 in the gym or a more prominent family with members of different weights.

Efficiency of Design

 Efficiency of Design Of Nautilus R616 vs R618

The Efficiency of the recumbent bikes’ design depends on the seat’s comfortability, the paddles’ position, the handlebars, the flywheel’s weight, etc. if the center of the bike is cushioned and gigantic, it can accommodate people with different inseam range.

Moreover, the adjustable seats allow the user of any height to do a workout on the bike, and padded seats make the movement comfortable and give less pressure on the waist, allowing for a long duration. Again, the foam covered and ergonomic handlebars are easy to grip and provides a better balance during the workout time.

The large and heavy pedals also make the bike capable for people with different feet length, and strapped pedals reduce the risk of slipping while working on high-intensity, which is an extra advantage. Besides, the heavier flywheel makes the workout more useful to the body.

The adjustable seat of Nautilus R616 is padded and based on sliding and adjustable seat rail for better comfort. The paddles have foot straps, which decreases the risk of slipping out while working on a higher resistance level. The weight of the flywheel is 22 pounds, which makes the workout effective.

The Nautilus R618 recumbent bike has a multi-positioned handlebar that offers advanced balance to users of any height. There are also strapped weighted pedals with a three-round crank mechanism that flows out the chance of sipping during a highly intense workout. This bike’s flywheel weight is 30 pounds, and we all know a heavier flywheel provides a useful workout experience.

From the above information, we can conclude that the Nautilus R618 is better in design efficiency than the discussed recumbent bikes. It has flexible features and, most notably, a heavier flywheel.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth connectivity is an extra advantage to any workout machine as Bluetooth enables the equipment to connect to other smart devices and speakers. With advanced Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect your recumbent bike to different apps to set your target and observe the progress accordingly.

In Nautilus R616, advanced Bluetooth is available to pre-set your target and define your progress towards your goal with popular goal tracking apps. You don’t need to manually note your workout data as the app will automatically collect it via Bluetooth connectivity. Moreover, another bike also has built-in Bluetooth connectivity, which makes the bike capable of synchronizing with goal tracking apps to track your fitness journey’s progress.

Both of the bikes include advanced Bluetooth connection with a goal tracking app. So in terms of Bluetooth, both of the cycles are good choices.

Dimension and Product Weight

Dimension and weight of the recumbent bike are some other essential factors when you get one. Proper size is necessary to get better balance while doing the workout. Again, if the recumbent bike’s weight is too light, you may not get the optimal level of intensity during your activity. On the other hand, too much heavier weight may become troublesome while moving or storing the bike.

Nautilus R616 is 65.3 inches in length, 28.3 inches in width, and 49.6 inches in height and the weight of this bike is 91.9 pounds. Whereas the dimension of Nautilus R618 is 67.3 inches in length, 26.4 inches in width, and 48.8 inches in height and the weight of this bike is 107.1 pounds.

Here we can see both of the bikes have a slight difference of 1 or 2 in their dimension. However, the two’s weight is way different from each other, so if you are looking for a heavier bike, you may go for the R618 as a heavier bike can endure more weight than that of the lighter ones. Therefore, if you are looking for a recumbent bike for a more prominent family or gym, you may go for R618.

Number of Workout Programs

Built-in workout programs help to do a workout in several ways. Different people require different user profiles as the workout goal of the users is not the same. Thus, if several built-in workout programs are available in a recumbent bike, the users can customize the workout according to their fitness goal. Some people tend to lose weight, some try to take their fitness to an advanced level, and some are in the initial stage.

Both the Nautilus R616 and R618 have 29 pre-built workout programs. Among those, 12 are for the profile; four are for customization, 9 for heart rate control, 2 for the fitness test, 1 for a quick start, and the rest for the recovery test. Here we can see a vast number of pre-built programs for almost all types of users with different workout requirements.

As two of the recumbent bikes contain twenty-nine wide range of pre-built workout programs, you can change the workout mode according to your necessity and fitness level. You can also customize the plan for better results. As both offer the same range of workout settings, you may go for any of these in terms of this feature.

Secondary Features

Though secondary features of recumbent bikes are not as important as the number of a resistance level or built-in workout mechanisms, it will offer you workout comfortably for a long duration.

For example, the bottle holders will help keep your favorite energy drink or water to keep you hydrated during exercise. The device holder will help you enjoy your favorite show or music to keep yourself reviving during an intense workout.

Alike many recumbent bikes, the Nautilus R616 and R618 offer plenty of secondary options as device holders in which you can keep your smart device, built-in speakers, and MP3 to let you enjoy your favourite music in high-quality. There is also a USB charging port available in both so that you don’t have to run out of charge while enjoying music during a workout.

Moreover, both the bikes include an adjustable fan, which is a great thing and resists to get exhausted during high-intense training. You will get all the mentioned advantages from both Nautilus R616 and R618.


A long term and hassle-free warranty will allow you to do a workout without any tension and let you be relaxed. Most of the recumbent bike offers security for the parts and labor separately, and the Nautilus R616 and R618 are not different.

Both of the recumbent bikes provide three years warranty for the parts and a one-year contract for the labor. You can easily avail of the warranty facilities within a specific period, and that is also without any hassle. So enjoy your workout without any burden with any of the Nautilus recumbent bike.


None of the recumbent bikes is negligible on the comparison of Nautilus R616 VS R618. Both of these two are quite similar in terms of resistance level, the number of workout programs, Bluetooth connectivity, and warranty and secondary features.

However, the Nautilus R618 is superior in terms of maximum user weight capacity, machine weight, etc. So in some aspects, the Nautilus R618 may be the better choice.

Last Updated on September 18, 2023

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