Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle (29-Inch) Review

Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle (29-Inch) is an optimal alternative for the expert bikers as a result of its light weight aluminum suspension structure and alloy wheels. The front and also rear disc brakes will always provide quick drop in any kind of unfavorable circumstance. Because of this, this is a reliable mountain bicycle to spend money to delight in riding.

Features of Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle (29-Inch)

Knowing the features of a mountain bike before purchasing is very important. Therefore, the features of the mongoose mountain bikes are mentioned shortly.

  • Aluminum Frame

The Mongoose offers solid aluminum frame to bikers. The engineers design the bike perfectly for the beginners. You may feel the bike is a little bit heavier than other aluminum bikes in the market. This is because the brand has used solid aluminum to increase the durability and responsiveness of the bike. Therefore, you can expect to have better performance and comfortable riding experience.

  • Alloy brakes

The brand gives extra attention to the brakes of the mountain bike because this is important. As mountain bikers do not care about the condition of the roads, the bikes should have good quality brakes. As a result, reliable disc brakes are included in the bike. Therefore, you can gain confidence while riding the bike in any off-road tracks. The brakes are enough powerful to give you a quick stop in any weather condition.

  • Perfect Gear Shifters

Gear shifters are always more powerful, quicker and smoother than normal bicycles. For that reason, the Mongoose dual suspension bike offers 21-speed TX-35 rear derailleur shifters in this bike. Because of having SRAM MRX twist shifters, you will always have a smooth gear shifting experience. Moreover, the combination of the parts is really convincing to the bikers to have a smooth riding experience in any field.

  • 29-inch Wheel

The mountain bike offers a good combination of brakes and wheels. The 29-inch alloy wheels are included in the design of the mountain bike to make it suitable for any off-road action. The tires are impressive and perfectly matched with the brakes. So, you will have not only comfortable riding but also have a good grip facility. The wheels are changeable, so, you can change the wheels with same size to get more durable performance.

Benefit of Mongoose Impasse

The dual full suspension is one of the major benefits of the mountain bike. The bike offers as suspension fork for the beginner bikers. As a result, you will always have good control and smooth bumps in the bike. On the other hand, the rear element shocks will also give you a good handling experience in off-road actions.

Don’t forget the adjustable option because this feature is very rare in the mountain bike. Therefore, prepare for lightening or stiffening before going for the ride. You may feel the suspension stiff in first few days riding but it will be smooth in a short time.


  • Smooth riding on any surface because of front and rear suspension
  • Super quality brakes ensure to give full control over the mountain bike
  • 29-inch wheels are perfect for riding in any environment conditions
  • Adjustable rear suspension shock depending on your comfort level


  • Sometimes suspension becomes bouncy
  • No place for keeping a water bottle

How to install mongoose mountain bikes

The Mongoose impasse mountain bike is very easy to install and adjust. Buying from any nearby retailer shop does not need any extra assembly. However, buying from online stores will need some extra work for preparing the bike for riding.

In order to install the mountain bike, you will need to join all the parts almost like mongoose women’s status 2.2 full suspension bicycle. Don’t forget to watch the manual instruction with pictures so that you can assemble quickly and accurately.

Join the brakes, wheels, seat, and handles with the aluminum frame of the mountain bike. Then, you will need to adjust the seat along with the rear suspension shock. Don’t forget to balance the mountain bike and have a test ride to ensure that everything is okay.

Maintenance of 29 inch mongoose mountain bike

Maintaining the mongoose mountain bikes is similar to other mountain bikes. Whenever you are planning to go for a bike after a long time, you will need to clean the bike and prepare the tires. Don’t forget to apply lubricate oil on the suspensions but don’t apply too much.

After returning home, you should use water to wash the wheels. Don’t forget to use any cotton cloth in order to clean the overall body of the bike. As you are investing a large amount of money, you should take good care of the bike.


Mongoose impasse 29 is a good option to purchase if you consider 29-inch wheel models. The alloy brakes and wheels ensure the safety during the ride. Moreover, the overall performance of the bike is solid and quite satisfactory. The full suspension feature will always give you smooth riding experience whether you are a new or experienced biker. So, this is really a worth mountain bike to invest and enjoy.

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