Marcy ME-709 vs NS-716R vs NS-40502R

Marcy ME-709 vs NS-716R vs NS-40502R – Recumbent Exercise Bike

Do you want to know about all the distinct differences between Marcy ME-709 vs. NS-716R vs. NS-40502R?

You will then get it right here, as in this very article, we will meticulously compare and examine several aspects of these three pre-specified models of Marcy recumbent bikes. This comparison will help in making your buying decision.

Marcy ME-709 vs NS-716R vs NS-40502R Overview

Marcy ME-709Marcy NS-716RMarcy NS-40502R
Resistance8 lvl. Magnetic8 lvl. Magnetic8 lvl. Magnetic
LCD MonitorTime, Speed, Distance, Calories, ODOTime, Speed, Distance, Calories, ODOTime, Speed, Distance, Calories, ODO
Battery2 AA2 AA2 AA
Inseam Length27" - 3630" - 33"27" - 32"
Foot StrapsAdjustableAdjustableAdjustable
Transport WheelsYesYesYes
Weight Capacity300 lbs300 lbs300 lbs
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MARCY is a brand running under a company named Impex. In the year 1982, Impex began its journey and then rapidly established a concrete existence in the industry of fitness. This company manufactures fitness products for so many renowned fitness equipment selling companies.

Since the commencement of its journey, Impex licensed and acquired many prestigious brands and started manufacturing fitness gear for most of the major retailers of sporting goods.

Currently, Impex company is quite prestigious as a front-runner of the industry with such unique brands as Marcy, steel body, apex, bionic body, hers, and competitor. Each of these brands belongs to a particular genre. They are leading every substantial virtual market segment of the industry of sporting goods.

Impex offers premium and innovative fitness products at a reasonable price. They are this much successful because of their commitment to giving supreme customer service. It let you shed all the unwanted pounds. It allows for raising the cardiovascular endurance of the user.

Marcy’s recumbent bike has a well-planned design, which is very comfortable for users of every size. It is a very space-saving option. This compact-sized bike fits into any smallest possible workout space.

If you are owing a Marcy recumbent bike, you need not go outdoors to perform any challenging exercise. You can complete each of these challenging cycling workouts, now just being at home because Marcy provides us the supreme quality fitness gear at the best price.

Marcy’s three very promising bikes are reigning the industry of recumbent bikes right now, which are ME-709, NS-716R, and NS-40502R. Customers usually get confused before purchasing a Marcy recumbent bike. They cannot decide which bike to pick among the three pre-mentioned options as all the three options are quite good and offer almost the same advantages for the customers.

So, you do not need to worry anymore as we are here to help you out in picking the best Marcy recumbent bike. In this article, we are going to compare all of these following features of Marcy ME-709, NS-716R, and NS-40502R:

  1. Inseam Length
  2. Product Dimension
  3. Product Weight
  4. Maximum User WeightFoot Strap
  5. Transport Wheels
  6. Resistance Level
  7. LCD Monitor
  8. Battery
  9. Seat and Handlebars
  10. Construction

So, let’s inspect and meticulously compare all the 11 pre-mentioned noteworthy features of ME-709, NS-716R, and NS-40502R so that you can choose the best recumbent bike among these three options and make a wise purchase.

Inseam Length

In the tailoring world, inseam refers to the distance between the uppermost point of the inner thigh and the feet’ heel. In the fitness equipment world, inseam determines the motion range related to the seat position and the pedal.

In recumbent bikes, the inseam’s measurement process differs from the upright bike or exercise bike. You have to place the pedal you are going to measure towards the downside of the pedal stroke.

Then put the heel of yours on a pedal, placed downward. And then adjust the seat of the bike till your leg fully extends. After being done with inseam adjustments, measure the bike seat’s center’s distance and pedal’s center. The measurement you will get is the appropriate inseam length of you, ensuring efficient and comfortable cycling.

It is essential to be aware of the appropriate inseam length of a user. If the inseam length is inappropriate for a user, then the workout session will be useless and may get injured while working out because the improper inseam length gives extra tension on the body. So, it is better to have a wide range of inseam lengths available in a recumbent bike so that people of various height can adjust the inseam length according to their body’s size.

The inseam lengths for Marcy ME-709, NS-716R, and NS-40502R are 27″-36″, 30″-33″ and 27″-32″ respectively. Here we can see that Marcy ME-709 is offering the widest range of inseam length. Marcy NS-40502R is providing a moderate range, and Marcy NS-716R is featuring the narrowest range. So, in the feature of inseam length, Marcy ME-709 is leading undoubtedly.

Product Dimension

Product dimensions of a recumbent bike refer to the measurements of a bike’s three magnitudes: length, width, and height. From this measurement of three dimensions of a recumbent bike, the user gets aware of its actual size. So, after knowing about the size, the users can decide whether the machine is suitable for them or not.

Some people may want a spacious option, while some may look for a space-saving one. Some people may want to know the exact dimensions so that they can plan their bike’s placement. Therefore, it is essential to measure product dimensions accurately.

Marcy ME-709 measures 55.5 inches long, 25 inches wide, and 37.5 inches in height. Marcy NS-716R measures 52 inches long, 25 inches wide, and 38 inches in height. And last but not least, Marcy NS-40502R measures 57 inches long, 25 inches wide, and 43.5 inches in height.

If you are looking for a big and spacious one, you can choose Marcy NS-40502R. And, if you want to save your space, then go for Marcy NS-716R. Moreover, Marcy ME-709 comes in moderate size.

Product weight

The weight of the recumbent bike is an essential factor to focus on for every user. Some people may want heavy and sturdy fitness gear while some may prefer a lightweight one. If the user can get accurately informed about the weight of a recumbent bike, they can go for the option as per their respective preferences.

Here, our three discussed recumbent bikes of Marcy have different weights. Marcy ME-709 weighs 61 pounds. The value of Marcy NS-716R is 59 pounds. And lastly, Marcy NS-40502R weighs 71 pounds.

If you want to go for a lightweight and easy to port recumbent bike, you should go for Marcy NS-716R. If you prefer a heavyweight recumbent motorcycle, which will be sturdy as well, then choose Marcy NS-40502R. Here, the quality of Marcy ME-709 is also good, and you can categorize the weight of this bike as moderate.

Maximum User Weight

The user weight limit in any recumbent bike represents the maximum amount of weight the machine can bear. Here, the word ‘weight’ includes the user’s value and other accessories such as clothes, shoes, some fitness accessories like dumbbells, etc.

A user must be aware of the limit of user weight enduring capacity of the bike he is going to ride. And the reason behind being aware of the maximum user limit is that if the user is not conscious, he may put access weight on the machine. If the machine’s weight becomes an extra burden for the bike by crossing the limit, it will damage it.

Marcy’s recumbent bikes have maximum age the bike weight-bearing ability ranging from 250 pounds to 300 pounds. But here, all the models discussed, i.e., ME-709, NS-716R, and NS-40502R can endure up to 300 pounds.

You should select your recumbent bike, keeping the fact of ‘maximum user weight’ in mind to know whether the machine is appropriate for you or not. But here, all the discussed models have equal user weight-bearing ability. If your user weight limit is within 300 pounds, you can choose any of the options from Marcy ME-709, NS-716R, and NS-40502R.

Foot strap

The foot strap of a recumbent bike is vital to focus on while purchasing your long-cherished fitness gear. Because, if you want to exercise comfortably, you have to ensure perfect placement, utmost steadiness, and supreme comfort of your feet.

IMPEX designs the counterbalanced and weighted pedals of Marcy’s recumbent bikes in such an artistic way so that it can provide maximum support to the feet while working out. It also takes care of the ultimate control and comfort of a user.

All three pre-stated recumbent bikes of Marcy, i.e., Marcy ME-709, NS-716R, and NS-40502R, come with fully adjustable foot straps. These foot straps fit perfectly for the feet of every user, though they have different foot sizes.

The weighted and counterbalanced pedals with fully adjustable straps of feet provide a feel of smooth pedaling and ensure a safe and comfortable cycling experience. The pedals have such large textures that they can safely grip the user’s feet at the time of pedaling.

Moreover, during intense cycling sessions, these sturdy grip foot straps ensure that the user’s feet will not slip off.

Transport Wheels

Having the feature of transport wheels in the recumbent bikes is so essential. Because the easy-going transport wheels let its users port the recumbent bikes around, wherever they want, otherwise, it would be so tough to move such heavyweight machines around.

All Marcy’s recumbent bikes come with transport wheels forgiving this facility to move the heavy fitness geas anywhere quickly. So, you can avail of the easy portability feature in all three discussed recumbent bikes of this article.

You need to slope the unit placed on to the transport wheels to move around the recumbent bike wherever you want and need to move. These wheels are so convenient that they allow the users to move the heavy fitness gear absolutely in a hassle-free way.

The design of Marcy ME-709, NS-716R, and NS-40502R are very compact sized and high-end. They are the perfect choice for your home gym, garden, or living room. Therefore, you can go with any of these three options to get the easy-portability feature.

Resistance Level

The level of tension or resistance is a very noteworthy feature of a recumbent bike. When you cycle outdoors, few factors like body weight, gravity, and inclined or declined pavements play a vital and active role. But when you cycle on the flat surfaces, none of these factors can make any effect though they are essential for an impactful exercise. That is why makers install these factors in the name of resistance level.

We know that recumbent indoor exercise bikes are usable only on flat surfaces. So, it is very crucial to have several levels of tension or resistance. Elsewise, you will be only pedalling without giving any remarkable effort.

In a recumbent bike, when you raise the level of resistance, pedalling gets more challenging. When you decrease resistance, you are just pedalling with giving a minimum level of effort. Therefore, it is vital to have many levels of tension or resistance so that you can choose your desired tension level precisely.

Here Marcy ME-709, NS-716R, and NS-40502R feature eight resistance levels. That means you can set 8 different levels of resistance while cycling in all three of them. The magnetic wheels of these three bikes come with an 8-preset rotary resistance-adjustment knob.

This knob allows the users to change their level of workout in just a snap. These bikes give the experience of smooth pedalling along with excellent biking. So, in the case of resistance levels, you will get the same moderate facility level from all these three options.

LCD Monitor

Mostly, the recumbent bikes offer LCD monitor console displays. In this LCD, you can precisely track and thoroughly monitor the vital statistics of workout performance. The statistics list generally includes heart rate, burned number of calories, time, distance travelled, speed, etc.

It is essential to own a decent LCD monitor for the performance’s ins and outs as your performance gets boosted when you precisely measure workout performance progress.

In the digital console display featured with Marcy ME-709, NS-716R, and NS-40502R, you can correctly track time, distance, speed, calories, and odometer statistics. So, all of them offer premium quality LCD console display with the same facility to measure performance statistics.

But the display of NS-40502R is more easily readable. The battery-powered LCD monitor screen of Marcy NS-40502R automatically gets switched on after the beginning of the workout and, similarly, gets turned off after 4 minutes of finishing the exercise. It also conserves energy.

Therefore, you should choose Marcy NS-40502R if you are looking for a high-tech and easy to read digital tracking panel.


Generally, recumbent bikes run with the power of a battery. All these three mentioned recumbent bikes of Marcy are battery-powered. Marcy ME-709, NS-716R, and NS-40502R, each run with the capacity of battery sized as 2 AA.

But the makers do not provide the batteries with the machine. The users have to buy batteries of their own to run the recumbent bike.

Seat and Handlebars

The seat and handlebars of the recumbent bikes should be so comfortable that the users do not feel any inconveniences while working out. Moreover, their body posture should also be well aligned. IMPEX gives supreme quality back seat and handlebars to each of its recumbent bikes: Marcy ME-709, NS-716R, and NS-40502R feature soft foam handles and chairs are exceptionally durable.

These handlebars provide a cosy and comfortable grip to have efficient and enjoyable cardio workout sessions. The design of these handlebars is ergonomic. They ease the contact of your hands with the steel made handles. IMPEX pads these super comfortable handlebars with vinyl foam to ensure a solid grip and make the workout safe and pleasing. They furnish the ergonomic seats of these bikes with high-density foam.

These premium seats and handlebars have the standard dimensions. It is convenient for every user. So, you can go for any of these three options as all of them feature durable and comfortable seat and handlebars.

Bottom Line

After investigating all the aspects, all three options are quite good in the race of Marcy ME-709 vs. NS-716R vs. NS-40502R. We cannot declare any of them as a clear winner because they have almost the same features.

If you want a massive and spacious option, then you can choose Marcy NS-40502R. NS-716R will serve as a space-saving bike, and ME-709 offers the broadest range of inseam length. So, you can select any one of these bikes, depending on your preference and need.

Last Updated on September 18, 2023

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