L NOW D600 Indoor Cycling Bike

L NOW D600 Indoor Cycling Bike

For the betterment of our audiences today we are going to state a detailed review and evaluation on one of the famous and most demanding indoor cycling bikes of the USA which is the L NOW D600 Indoor Cycling Bike.

The l now model d600 bike is t time for its better qualities and uninterrupted services to the users and buyers. We have tried to mention every big and tiny details of this indoor cycling bike so that our audiences can go through those for better consideration.

L NOW D600 Indoor Cycling Bike

The L NOW D600 Indoor Cycling Bike is a very handy and convenient indoor cycling bike for users of any fitness level, gender, and age. There are numerous positive attributes of this bike that will impose you to get this bike at your home gym or office for having an intense workout and effective result.

The customized design, adjustable magnetic resistance, LCD monitor for better tracking, belt-drive system, and convenient secondary features allows you to have an amazing workout experience on this bike.

Lately, very few bikes in the USA have a combination of these many incredible qualities. So don’t be late to get this remarkable bike and chess your fitness goal more efficiently.

l now d600

Product dimensions41 x 21 x 46 inchesMaximum user weight-bearing capacity280 pounds
Product weight77 PoundsDrive systemBelt drive
The Material of the bikeThickened steelResistance MechanismAdjustable magnetic
MonitorLCDAdjustable position of the seatUp, down, forward, and back
The Material of the seatPUAdjustable position of the handlebarsUp and down


Short Specification:

In this segment, we will mention the core qualities of this l now indoor cycling bike d600. We have classified the specifications into three segments which are convenience, engineering, and comfort for a better understanding of our audiences.

Let’s get the details of the key features.

1. Magnetic Adjustable Resistance: Four Strong Magnets

The L NOW D600 Indoor Cycling Bike has a magnetic adjustable resistance system that provides a smoother workout experience with different intensity level options. Many normal bikes have a friction resistance system that generates a lot of noise while riding and also you will have a less smooth riding experience on those bikes.

But the L now d600 has a magnetic resistance system that allows you to have a smoother and quieter workout. There is a turning knob with which you can easily and consistently adjust the resistance level of the bike. It is very effortless to set the resistance level of the bike and users of different fitness levels can set the resistance level of the bike as per their necessity.

As the resistance level determines the intensity of the workout, adjustable resistance is very much important for any indoor exercise bike. Four strong magnets provide adequate resistance that allows doing high-efficient cardio exercise.

As there is a turning knob to adjust the resistance level, you don’t need to change the brake pad to change the resistance. Just turn the knob set your required resistance level and burns as many calories as you want to achieve your fitness goal.

2. LCD Monitor

l now model d600

A monitor is a very important element in an indoor cycling bike as it provides the workout update to the users parallel as they paddle. There are an easy-to-read and sharp LCD monitor on the bike.

The monitor tracks the performance data on a real-time basis helps you to know about your fitness level and also the progress of your workout. The monitor shows the speed, time, amount of burned calories, pulse, and odometers on a concurrent basis which is an effective thing.

You can track your present fitness update and also can plan for your next step and fitness routine.

3. Adjustable Seat

The seat of the bike is adjustable in four ways which means you can fully customize the seat just as you want. Seat adjustability is very essential in a bike as it allows people having different height levels to do exercise on that particular bike.

For example, if someone has less height measurement he/she can pull the seat downward and have a comfortable and effective exercise for a long duration. The l now model d600 indoor cycling bike is adjustable in four ways which are upward/downward and forward/backward which means you can fully customize the position of the seat of the bike as per your requirement and comfort.

With the enhanced comfort and better sitting balance you can do workouts for a longer time without any pressure in your body and can easily achieve your fitness goal. Moreover, adjusting the seat is very easy as you just need to loosen up the knob and pull it to adjust the position of the seat.

The adjustable seat makes the bike a compatible exercise machine for every member of a large family, for offices, and also for gyms.

4. Maximum User Weight Capacity

It’s an added advantage if a bike has a higher user weight capacity. This d600 l now the bike has a user weight-bearing capacity of 280 pounds or 127 kilograms which means people having weight up to 280 pounds can do the workout on this bike and chess their fitness goal.

Sometimes bike doesn’t have a higher weight-bearing capacity which prohibits heavy-weighted people to do the workout on that bike. But this indoor cycling bike doesn’t have this kind of issue as a huge number of people having weight up to 280 pounds can ride on this bike.

5. Multipurpose Holder

You will not feel bored while exercising on this bike as there is an integrated phone holder on the bike in which you can keep your smart device as enjoy your favorite TV show or listen to a rock song to boost up your mind during your riding.

Moreover, you can also keep your water bottle or sports drink bottle on the holder to keep yourself hydrated while doing an intense workout.

6. Belt-drive System

This bike has a belt drive system that gives a better workout experience. It is a low maintenance belt-drive that means you do not need to do the maintenance frequently.

Belt-drive is long-lasting so you can use the bike for a long time. Also, it is a better and lighter mechanism than the chain drive. For that, you will be able to get a smoother and quieter exercise.

The bike with a smoother belt-drive mechanism gives you a steady, smooth, and quiet workout experience.

7. Adjustable Handlebar

The handlebars of this bike are adjustable in two ways which are up and down. With the adjustable handlebars, you can get the most comfortable position of your workout.

The adjustability of the handlebars provides additional comfort to your body during the workout and gives less stress which allows doing the workout for a longer period than fastens your fitness goal achievement.

8. Caged Pedals

The pedal is a significant factor for any cycle whether it’s indoor or outdoor. If the pedal is tough, oversized, and caged, it will give you a better balance and control during riding.

The d600 l now has a tough pedal which gives the ultimate level of comfort and safety to your riding. The material of the pedals is an aluminum alloy that makes those heavy, sturdy, and long-lasting.

The pedals are caged that prevent the feet from slipping out during intense pedaling and give extra support that prevents accidents and injuries. Moreover, you can switch one pair of SPD pedals for clipping into your spin shoes.

9. Dimension and Weight

The bike is 41 inches in length, 21 inches in width, and 46 inches in height and the weight of the indoor bike is 77 pounds only which are quite light-weight. Moreover, the package size of this exercise bike is 42 x 9 x 33 Inches.

Though the bike is lightweight, it doesn’t mean you will have less stability on this bike rather the bike will be more convenient with better balance. The handy dimension makes it easy to place it anywhere in your home.

10. Comfortable Seat

The material of the seat of l now indoor cycling bike d600 is so comfortable that you can seat on it for a long time and can do powerful exercise without any major stress to your lower body.

The soft PU seat allows sitting for a longer period and increases your exercise time. The ergonomic seat is easily adjustable which gives a perfect sitting position to any user.

11. Immediate Brake System

You can easily stop the flywheel immediately in case of any urgency or trouble during your workout.

The emergency brake is an added advantage especially for beginners as they can stop the bike right away to avoid accidents and injuries. You just need to press the resistance knob to instantly stop the flywheel.

12. Quieter Workout Experience

The effective flywheel and the belt-drive system of the bike will allow you to have a quiet and noise-free workout experience.

You don’t need to disturb your family, neighbors, or colleagues during your workout as this bike generate near to zero sound during pedaling.

13. Easy-to-move

There is an integrated transportation wheel on the L NOW D600 Indoor Cycling Bike that makes the movement of the bike very easy and effortless. You don’t need to drag or lift the bike while taking it from one place to another.

Just unpin the transport wheels and pull the bike effortlessly. You can exercise in different places of your home as per your comfort and convenience with the easily portable indoor cycling bike.

14. Convenient Storage Space-saving Design

The design of the d600 l now the bike is very précised and handy. You can place the bike at any tiny corner of your house for its space-saving design.

The bike will not take much space so if you don’t have much space allocated for your cycling bike, this one will be a good option for you.

Product dimensions41 x 21 x 46 inchesMaximum user weight-bearing capacity280 pounds
Product weight77 PoundsDrive systemBelt drive
The Material of the bikeThickened steelResistance MechanismAdjustable magnetic
MonitorLCDAdjustable position of the seatUp, down, forward, and back
The Material of the seatPUAdjustable position of the handlebarsUp and down



There are some tiny shortcomings in every good thing and this l now d600 is not an exceptional one. The bike doesn’t have any Bluetooth which means you cannot connect it to your smart device like mobile, tablet, or iPad via Bluetooth connectivity.

Another thing is the handlebars of the bike are adjustable in only two ways which are up and down through some bikes have handlebars that are adjustable in four ways that allow having a more effective and comfortable workout experience. However, if we consider the incredible qualities of this indoor cycling bike, these lacking are easily ignorable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an immediate stop brake in the L NOW D600 Indoor Cycling Bike?

Yes, there is an immediate stop brake that stops the break immediately in case of any trouble. You just need to press the adjusting knob to stop the flywheel of the bike right away.

Can I adjust the resistance in the l now model d600?

You can adjust the resistance level as the bike has adjustable magnetic resistance. You can set the resistance level as per your necessity to have a more effective workout experience.

What is the maximum user capacity of L NOW D600?

The maximum user weight capacity of the L NOW D600 Indoor Cycling Bike is 280 pounds that permits a heavy-weighted person to do a workout on this indoor cycling bike.

Does the bike have a transportation wheel to move it?

Yes, this bike has transportation wheels that make both the movement and the storage of the bike more convenient and hassle-free.


The L NOW D600 Indoor Cycling Bike is an implausible bike that has a combination of convenience, better technical features, and enhanced comfort.

We hope, our review has helped you to get an elaborated concept on the l now model d600. If you are residing in the USA and looking for an indoor cycling bike for effective cycling, this bike will be an amazing deal for you.

Last Updated on September 19, 2023

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