GIRO Terraduro MTB Shoes Review

While most trail MTB shoes continue to be based on the basis of XC shoes, the new Terraduro is specially designed for the requirements of all-mountain and enduro bikers. Check out our review of the GIRO Terraduro below.

In addition to the robust appearance of leather-like synthetic material, you immediately notice the Vibram sole. The sole is slightly curved, and thus creates a pleasant anatomical foot posture. The midsole is made of nylon and is just in the toe area and is flexible. The upper shoe has three locks. Two wide Velcro straps, the forefoot and midfoot wrap to avoid pressure.

The rubber toe cap, robust Vibram sole and the solid features make up this all-mountain shoe. At first glance, it is striking how much curved the cleat area. It is much higher outside than on the inside and while biking, this is never noticed.

The upper portion has numerous small ventilation holes, but has no major areas where the wind or water can attack. This is good for weather protection and at moderate temperatures, less ideal in real heat. The heel is very well padded and lined with a soft material.

The insole is slightly structured, but treated with antibacterial early to counteract the unpleasant odors. I biked some time with the original sole and had no real problems. It weighs 455 grams per shoe.


Giro Terradura is quite heavy (515 g / shoe) but while wearing it has a really solid feel to it.

As I said, after about 4 months of rough use, the GIRO Terraduro went through a lot. It became wet many times and got wrapped in mud. I found it absolutely perfect for my feet. The synthetic material has a very good combination of flexibility and durability.

Even when dirty, everything continued to function smoothly. The shoe had very good support due to its heel and padding – both on the bike, as well as while walking and running. The soft sole in the toe area makes you feel like you are wearing a sports shoe or sneakers.

The synthetic upper is noticed because of its very good weather protection. On the other hand, the Terraduro is only overwhelmed at really very summery temperatures. Due its wide range of applications, Terraduro is one of the most versatile footwear available. Also, the GIRO Terraduro is very easy to clean!

My only complaint – in rocky passages and passages, the outsole didn’t offer much protection. Although the outer material has a very high abrasion resistance and provides effective impact protection. With a slightly higher solid outsole or lateral reinforcements, GIRO Terraduro would be the perfect MTB shoe.


After a long test phase, we give it a thoroughly positive overall rating. The GIRO Terraduro is a shoe I like very much and unreservedly recommend to anyone who seeks a universal and high quality bike shoe. GIRO Terraduro is a big hit, because it definitely ranks as one of the best and most versatile MTB shoe in the market.

Giro Terradura Spike is ideal for all those who are fond of clipless pedals, but also heavier terrain, where classical XC models suffer when walking and pushing and also often fail for walking purposes.

Robert Flaherty

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