GIRO Privateer R MTB Shoes

GIRO Privateer R MTB Shoes Review

The range of shoes produced by Giro is now very extensive and offers a wide choice for different uses through different models from Trail and All Mountain.

The design remains faithful to the Privateer line, but closely resembles the rest of the range. It brings into prominence the aesthetic quality of materials and workmanship. Even the choice of colors is very simple and elegant, with a version in gray with orange accents and another in black with colored natural rubber.

Just the rubber of the sole is one of the features that differentiates the Privateer R from the rest of the XC range since the upper and the locking system is entirely similar. To facilitate the grip on rocks and roots, as well as on the ground, Privateer R have a sole made of “co-molded” rubber.

GIRO Privateer R MTB Shoes


The grip is actually good both on hard, dry ground in abundant muddy conditions and the compound is still strong and durable. The midsole is made of nylon and is so strong and rigid and has great support on the pedals, but offers adequate comfort and sensitivity at the same time. The soles on the tips are prepared for spikes, which are not present in the package and we have not felt the need for them too.

The closing of the front part of the foot is formed by two Velcro laces of generous dimensions, robust and well placed, that wraps the foot in an appropriate manner and in the right places to lock both in the longitudinal and vertical direction, providing maximum comfort and without any hint of circulation problems even after a full day of riding.

The upper band, which closed over the instep, is soft and subtle enough for comfort. The closure ratchet is replaceable in case of accidental breakage, and allows for precise adjustment, thanks to the placement with calibrated inclination.

GIRO Privateer R – In the Trails

The tab is thin and breathable, but at the same time soft and comfortable to touch, so that even slight movements of torsion of the foot inside the shoe do not cause any annoying rubbing.

The insole is made of antibacterial material and has average plantar arch support. The upper is robust and supports the foot well, thanks to the reinforcements on the entire tip, including its sides, and heel.

These reinforcements are also equipped with an outer coating made of rough material that prevents premature wear and tears in the most exposed points. The central part of the upper is softer and allows a minimum of torsion of the foot to avoid creating stress to the foot after long days in the saddle.  The skin of the upper is provided with ventilation holes, which work properly leaving the shoe sufficiently fresh and breathable.

The fit is very good and allows the right comfortable for the fingers, which are not forced, and leaves the right space around the ankles. While on the Achilles tendon support is pronounced and very convenient with right form and padding. Be noted that the fit of the size is slightly narrow. For the guys with the particularly wide feet, there is the HV (High Volume) version of this model that are absolutely identical but arranged for a wider fit.


In conclusion, it is a pair of very comfortable and well-made shoes, designed for the Trail for those who want a comfortable fit even after hours in the saddle. The only flaw of the GIRO Privateer R MTB Shoes, if we want to find one, is waiting a little bit to dry after washing.

Last Updated on July 2, 2023

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