​Excited for Your First Mountain Bike?

Excited for Your First Mountain Bike?

A lot of people nowadays are more conscious about keeping their body fit and healthy and one of the ways on how to stay fit and healthy is biking.  However, not everyone knows how to ride a bike.  Moreover, some would have the money to purchase their own mountain bike but then, it might be too big that they are unable to ride it.

Here are a few things that you want to remember if you would like to build your confidence in riding your brand new mountain bike.  These are just some of the things that you can do in order to increase your confidence in riding your mountain bike.

Practice Makes Perfect

This is one of the sayings that people tell you if you want to be an expert or master a particular skill.  Riding a mountain bike and being able to roam around is a skill and the only way for you to be able to master that skill is to practice.  It may be hard at first because you are not used to riding a mountain bike but then, practice becomes the equalizer as the more you practice riding your new mountain bike, the more you become used and accustomed to it.

Practice and if possible, try to build certain obstacles that you know you would encounter when you ride up the terrain of the mountain.  Do it step-by-step and always remember that you cannot push yourself because this is a skill that one must learn and practice and every skill is learned if you keep on doing it in 21 days.

The Power of Positivity

Have you ever noticed why successful people always advise one to be positive in all things?  It is because a positive thought has twice as much the power as of a negative thought.  It is normal to fear riding your mountain bike the first time but a lot of bikers and experts would say that “envisioning” yourself riding your mountain bike, coursing through the different terrains in the mountain would attract that particular scenario.

Just as the different authors that have focused on The Law of Attraction, “envisioning” yourself riding your mountain bike and coursing through different terrains allows your mind and your body to feel the reality of what you want to happen.  As you continue to practice riding your bike daily, you are moving towards the goal that you are setting for yourself.

Join a Group

One of the basic things when you want to ride is for you to join a group of mountain bikers who are enthusiastic about the said activity.  If you have not noticed, riders or people with motorbikes or motorcycles often affiliate themselves with a group or organization.  Why?  Because having a group of people who share the common hobby or activity with you encourages you, supports you, and pushes you up to your limits.

Joining a group of mountain bike riders within your community would be the best as you see each other as the other person might just be living at the next block or may even be your next door neighbor.  Another advantage of joining a group is you share the same experiences with others where each and every person learns.  Furthermore, each and every person would have a certain riding technique that you could learn from and apply in the same situations or scenarios that you might encounter as you move forward and continue to ride your mountain bike.

Join Clinics

Have you ever heard of basketball clinics?  Well, in as much as every sport has a certain clinic, riding mountain bikes or mountain bike riding also has a clinic that is open to the public.  It would be nice to join a clinic in order for you to gain confidence in riding your mountain bike.

Just like a basketball clinic, mountain bike clinics does not just teach you how to ride you bike but they also teach you techniques and tackling situations such as: downhill riding, etc.   Just as motorcycle enthusiasts have clinics that teach them how to maneuver their motorbikes in case they encounter obstacles, i.e. road humps, etc., mountain bike clinics also have some sort of circuit that is often in a mountain terrain where there are also obstacles that you would have to ride through or pass by that would teach you how to handle and maneuver your mountain bike more.

Get a Good Bike

The common misconception for people who wants to ride a mountain bike is that they should be getting the most expensive mountain bike that has certain features such as:  one with full suspension, full carbon fiber, etc.  In choosing your mountain bike, you always have to remember that simplicity is still the best policy.

Just as any mountain biker would suggest or recommend, it is best to get a simple mountain bike that has all the basic functions working and not an over-sophisticated one that you don’t even know the functions of some of its features.  Remember that this is just your first time of riding and it is a given that there are some things that you are still not aware of in terms of riding your mountain bike.  When purchasing and getting your first mountain bike, it would be best to have someone accompany you so that they can explain to you the features of each bike.  We cannot totally rely on the store representative as we know, they are more concerned about making a sale than giving you a bike with features that you would really need.


​This is, of course, the most evident reason why you would want to ride a mountain bike or purchase one in that sense.  You would want to feel the wind gushing through your face as you trek towards the mountain steep or go out with friends and go biking towards a certain place that you would want to visit.

Robert Flaherty