Finn Smartphone Mount Review

Whether you use your bike as a primary means of transport or only for your leisure sports, your smartphone is never far away when you are biking. You will surely use it in GPS mode, or perhaps as a counter with one of the many tracking applications.

However, the main concern remains to securely and easily mount your smartphone on the handlebars of your bike to read information quickly. So we tested a clever product for hundred kilometers – the Finn smartphone mount to attach to your handlebars.

Delivery and Unpacking

At first glance, the packaging reveals a single piece of rubber. I admit that the first thing that crossed my mind when I held it was “my iPhone 6 is going to smash on the asphalt at the first speed bump”. 

Nevertheless, this little product has the great advantage of being extremely light – just twenty grams! Second advantage, and not the last, the Finn mount is flexible. So it is very easy to store it in your pocket when not in use.

Assembling the Finn smartphone Mount

During assembly, once again I recommend you to take a look at the manual. The silicone band is placed on the handlebars, hit the lower end around the handlebar tube and then pull through a slit of the band forward.

The other end is placed down and at the back. Now it is possible, using the slots at each end to attach a smart phone with all four corners under some tension. I tested it with my iPhone 6 which has a rather large display.

In addition, my iPhone 6 is protected by a bumper guard, which makes the phone thicker by a few millimeters. The silicone is indeed greatly stretched by the large display and the bumper, but does not feel it would break. For smaller phones there is no problem anyway.

After a little correction, strips of the mount adjust to the phone sitting on the handlebars. Depending on the phone you just need to slightly adjust the corner fitting, therefore no side buttons are hidden. With practice, the smartphone can then fix in a few seconds on the handlebar and removed.

Going Downhill with Finn

I do not necessarily use this product in town but it’s a godsend when out biking in the forest or hiking with your cycle. Going downhill, I faced tough resistance but my smartphone was still hanging no matter what happened.

The mount is so tight that the display or keys can be operated even at the bottom or top of the phone. Finn mount reveals its true potential in the rough terrain. 

During a test round in the town, a cyclist even asked me what I had on my handlebars as he wanted an effective product for similar use. The Finn mount is not only has great utility but is high in style too! 

Lightweight, resistant, convenient to install and remove, it will undoubtedly be a great ally for a successful bike ride.


At this price point, it remains one of the mounts that is the cheapest in the smartphone market. It is compatible with most smartphones. You can spend use your smartphone easily without having to remove the protective cover like in some smartphone mounts.

For road cyclists and mountain bikers, Finn is more than adequate replacement for an expensive mount system. Even if the silicone holder does not last forever, for a small price of a few dollars,  you can buy a new piece after some time.

Robert Flaherty

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