Ergon BC2 Backpack Review

Ergon BC2 is a product of innovation and their typical tendency towards perfectionism. The all-round bike daypack with the same suspension system and frame as BC1.

Many features, small pockets outside, chest strap, 2 compression straps, organizer pocket, external hydration system pocket, rain cover, water-repellent zips etc. make this backpack completely premium. The most practical Expando function provides an additional 4 liters.

The BC2 is available in two color variants: Solid black or black/green. In order to cover as wide a range of back lengths, BC2 comes in two sizes, which in turn again have three suspension positions the shoulder belt. The packing volume is road worthy – 16 liters that can be expanded to an extra 4 liters. The empty weight of BC2 was 1390 g.

When you hold BC2 in your hands you notice its tremendously high-quality finish. All seams are worked and all internal seams are additionally enclosed, no loose ends far and wide and high-quality materials and waterproof zippers leave nothing to be desired.

Carrying System

The heart of the very innovative backpack is the “Backpack Motion” frame carrying system. The idea is to transfer as much load from the shoulders to the hips and give the torso maximum freedom of movement.

So the backpack has a plastic exoskeleton that is rigidly connected to the wide and very comfortable padded hip belt. To achieve the optimum freedom of movement of the upper body, the shoulder carrying system is decoupled from the Flink ball joint from the actual carrying case.

The best thing about this – it works. No other bike pack can transfer the load so effectively to the hips. For excursions or trips BC2 is comfortable like no other. Just awesome!

To function properly, the hip and chest strap must be closed, otherwise the backpack might slip when driving uncontrollably. Both are asymmetrically designed so that the buckle is fixed to hip and shoulder so it can be opened and closed with one hand.

The lower suspension of the shoulder straps is set high by the separate shoulder part. This creates an initially unfamiliar feel like the classic underarm vents some jackets have. When it comes to ventilation, one can expect miracles from BC2.

Loading and Order

The bag is actually a split by a nylon main compartment. The front, primary section is not further subdivided but a two-way zipper is pulled down to the bottom third of very good section.

For the transport of sensitive items such as glasses or valuables there are no separate compartments. In addition, the forward compartment may be further extended by 4l.

The rear compartment is only accessible from the top via a 20 cm long zipper and although it could also take regular load, we used it almost exclusively for hydration. The drinking tube can be taken out on both sides of the bag and are properly guided by hose clips on one of the shoulder straps.

We also found the card slot with the slightly laterally offset long zipper. In it were both cards, as well as other small items that should be readily accessible away. However, here smaller individual compartments for better organization would have been useful.

We found the exterior pocket on the right hip. It provides space for just about anything you want to have at hand – mobile, energy bar, keys, or in our case the compact camera. This zip-secured compartment is accessible without removing the backpack, but not close-able with one hand. A slightly modified suspension could resolve this problem.

Initially completely nonsensical, back cushion over the entire width has two short side zips that are externally accessible. Unfortunately, they are not loadable because of direct contact to the back. However, you can store soft things like a rain cover.

In the helmet attachment of BC2, Ergon is more traditional in its ways. The two transverse compression straps used for lashing the helmet – for the short ascent is the chin strap hung easily and the helmet dangles loose or the straps get through the vent. After several attempts, we have our helmet usually tucked in by having unfolded the additional volume and used it. So the helmet remained protected, was very well secured and the external weight remained low.

The included rain cover can be attached all around very well.


Now, as already mentioned at the carrying system, the distribution on the hip works terrific, as is the freedom of movement of the upper body. Even fully loaded (ERGON recommends a maximum of 6 kg), the ERGON BC 2 feels inconspicuous like no other.

Only the stability of the backpack when fully loaded is not optimal. The Flink ball joint and the narrow but sprawling construction of BC2 ensures that the above mass is insufficient to stabilize. With fast movements, we felt a slight lurch. The expandable-outwards additional volume increases the effect even more. With a light load or the heavier things low down, it was hardly felt.

A highly functional and comfortable touring bike pack and Enduro pack. The complicated support system is heavy but with heavy loads gives immense amount of relief for the shoulders and combines this with unreal freedom of movement of the upper body. In our opinion, it lacks compartmentalization and internal order of the BC2 is nevertheless the most sophisticated.

Robert Flaherty

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