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How Do I Replace Bicycle Brake Pads

​How Do I Replace Bike Brake PadsHow Do I Replace Bike Brake PadsYou’re out on your weekly weekend ride to see how many more speed records you can break (at least in your own mind) while flying down the largest hill you can find. You love this hill because of the feeling of speed you […]

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How to Inspect Your Bike Frame

​How to Inspect Bike Frame [Updated Tips ​And ​Trick]UpdatedI came across a bike maintenance article the other day that really got me thinking hard about how much faith I put in my bike. I always just assume that it is going to take me to my destination, safely and hopefully quickly. The article on bike […]

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10 Tips For Driving And Maintaining a Bicycle

​10 Tips For Driving And Maintaining a Bicycle10 Tips For Driving And Maintaining a BicycleThese tips come up in the top 10 as they apply to all drivers, regardless of whether they are experienced or not.​Changing the speed should only be done while pedaling slowly, with mild pressure on the pedal.​The reason for this is […]

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Bicycle Servicing – Bike Pedal Maintenance

​Bicycle Servicing – Bike Pedal MaintenanceBicycle Servicing – Bike Pedal MaintenanceThere’s an old saying that goes something like “if you abuse it, you’ll lose it”. I think of that statement every time I’m working on my bike pedals. I typically do a thorough cleaning and inspection as part of my routine bicycle maintenance program after […]

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How To Replace A Bike Chain

​How To Replace A Bike Chain In Few MinutesHow To Replace A Bike Chain In Few MinutesThree words for you that seem to be a fairly common occurrence on most bicycles; Dirty Bike Chains. Yes, the good old bicycle chain that goes about its business transferring the power from our legs to the drivetrain of […]

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How To Adjust Bike Seat

​How To Adjust Bike Seat – 2 Methods– 2 MethodsSo you’ve just bought your next bike from a friend and the first thing you want to do is to take it for a good long ride. You know that your friend always looked after his bikes and knew all about proper cycle maintenance. You just […]

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How to Repair a Dented Bike Rim

​Bike Rim Repair – The Solution– The SolutionI know this one has happened to me a few times, especially while out on my mountain bike. If you have ever ridden the trails on a bike before, you know that there are all kinds of hazards that are just waiting to try and cause damage to […]

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