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Best Cycling T Shirts For Men & Women [Top Collection 2018]

Best Cycling T Shirts For Men & Women [Top Collection 2018]Cycling Jersey, Sponeed Men’s MTB Cycling Clothing Road Biking Shorts PaddedSponeed Cycling Outfit Men Bicycle Jersey Padded Shorts Bike Shirts ClothesIcebreaker Men’s Strike Short Sleeve Half Zip TopBest Cycling T Shirts For MenSponeed Men’s Long Sleeve Cycling Jerseys Mountain Bike Road Bicycle Shirt Biking Jacket […]

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Staying Hydrated 101 – A Complete Mountain Biking Guide

Staying Hydrated 101 – A Complete Mountain Biking GuideStaying hydrated during exercise is crucial. Unfortunately, many overlook or pay little attention to this issue. Mountain biking, as in any physical endurance activity, an insufficient intake of water causes a serious loss of performance even up to 20% less. Water shortage is a situation that we […]

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Met Parabellum Helmet Review [Field Tested]

Met Parabellum Helmet Review [Field Tested]We are talking about the new Met Parabellum, or the modern interpretation of one of the historical helmets designed specifically for all-mountain and enduro bikers. With evolution and segmentation so fast in our sport, the need to produce models that are more suitable for use with all-mountain bike has arisen.With […]

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How to Choose the Best Biking Gloves for Summer

How to Choose the Best Biking Gloves for SummerWe bring you a basic guide for buying biking gloves for summer. Here you’ll find tips for choosing the best biking gloves for you. Wearing biking gloves helps you to reduce vibration transmitted through the handle, prevents sweat and protects the palms of your hands. For bike […]

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Finn Smartphone Mount Review

Finn Smartphone Mount ReviewWhether you use your bike as a primary means of transport or only for your leisure sports, your smartphone is never far away when you are biking. You will surely use it in GPS mode, or perhaps as a counter with one of the many tracking applications. However, the main concern remains […]

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How to Fix a Flat Bike Tire

​How to Fix a Flat Bike TireHow to Fix a Flat Bike TireIf it hasn’t already happened then it is only a matter of time. Time for what you might ask? If you spend any amount of time on a bicycle, you will eventually experience the dreaded flat tire. From my experience, it’s best to […]

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How Can I Install Bike Pedals

​How Can I Install Bike PedalsHow Can I Install Bike PedalsAs you power your way up that hill, you quietly think to yourself “I hope my pedals keep doing what they are doing and hold my bodyweight”. Our bike pedals take a lot of punishment and although they are relatively small, they are built extremely […]

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How Do I Replace a Bike Chain

​How Do I Replace a Bike ChainHow Do I Replace a Bike ChainOne of the most essential pieces of equipment found on all bikes is also one of the most abused pieces as well. This extremely important accessory is known as the common bicycle chain. If it weren’t for your bike chain, you would not […]

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