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Build Your Own Mountain Bike In Ten Easy Steps [Updated 2022]

Have you been a long-term mountain biker dreaming of building your own mountain bike?

We have combined the cheapest and the smartest way to build your own mountain bike using the least of bombastic-engineering-mumbo-jumbo.

With your dedication and hard work, we will show you how to build pro quality mtb bike from scratch using our experience and knowledge.

If you’re starting at square one, there is one highly important thing you must heed to- Color Selection. With a ground rule that your frame must have one optimum color that has a secondary color apt for your bling. The best option is to opt for a darker universal color for your frame and keep changing the secondary color.

Budget Planning

Now is the time to fret on the total money you are willing to spend instantly as well as Plan B, if you need more. Planning the bike you want and drawing an estimated budget for it is not too difficult when you are planning on building your own bike rather than buying as changes are easier to amend.

To help you understand the rough boundaries of our custom mountain bike, the brief is that we will spend oddly $3000. According to our veteran DIY MTB Builder, we have kept the base to be a 26-inch mega wheel mountain bike.

What Do You Need To Building Your Own Mountain Bike?

The first step to get a real edge on building the mountain bike is by verifying the maximum deals you can amass for such a frame. You must start from your local inventory to biker friends to find ideal parts at the least prices.

Even if you end with non-basic gear parts utilizing the 9-pace drivetrain, rest assured. Furthermore, the same discrepancy can benefit you to prevent the constant clash of any mountain bike, with its own bling.

The Backbone Of Every MTB Is The Frame

Next, you must ensure that you understand the technical correlation with your own riding style and the bike itself. If you’re unsure about one frame, move on and keep looking until you rummage out the PERFECT DREAM frame.

Trust us; it is not always easy to find the perfect one. At most times, your dream frame might just be with an international seller and expending the shipping charges over your budget for that particular item must seem necessary at the moment and is valid as well.

If you cannot blow off your estimate, keep on re-checking and refreshing the website or chat directly with the company officials to receive an alert when the pricing of the product goes low.

Order Your Stuff

When you’re lost in the mountain biking marketplace, wondering what to do because your dream frame is unavailable, the best option is to begin by ordering your bike frame online. Some of the trustable websites to follow for this are Shimano XT and their category of wheelset!

The Right Size Is Critical!

If you follow our exemplified wheelset source, then you might find the least troubles. Otherwise, the disparity of wheelset is often noted. Sometimes you might order a 135mm hoping to fit inside the frame’s 142mm, however, no miracle happens and you will have to return and hope for a refund.

Make sure to double-check all your orders and buy nothing but the perfect wheelset necessary for your base frame. The accuracy matters here, not the deal!

A Little Goes A Long Way…

Yet another clever option is to disintegrate your old mountain bike frame, collect the usable facts and sell the rest. If not, sell the item and save the money towards your DIY bike funds.

Choose Your Favorite Seatspot

Regardless of what anyone says, your dream bike must have a brand new seat. Instead of wasting your sweat on a useless 30.9 option of Gravity Dropper on the 31.6 tube for the seat, you must get a new gravity dropper.

The Paraphernalia To Build A Bike

Make sure to assemble the necessary size of Allen wrenches, crankset, wheels, chain whip, brackets (bottom), headset press as well as a headset.

Before you end up wasting all your money on DIY equipment, make sure you understand how to use each. If you don’t, the easy way out is to go for ways like opting for a shop mode of headset press for a minimal charge of $40 than thousands of DIY work.

Choosing Your Control a.k.a Handlebar

When buying handlebars veteran, don’t worry about the sizes. If you buy the longest, you can always cut down the size instead of buying multiple ones. Make sure to contrast the colors of the bike with respect to the handlebar!

Did Something Go Wrong?

It is natural to find parts that don’t fit as well as parts that don’t even have any use for your style of mountain bike, after buying it. Instead of throwing off or dumping your excess waste, sell/ return it and calmly find the right part.

If your bike feels odd after all the processes are done, the best troubleshooting option is a suspension. An easy resolution is to inspect the fork and displace it to coil from air for that softer and smoother feel.

How’s Your Franken Bike?

It is impossible to engineer a flawless bike in one go. Even though your dream bike might look like a Frankenbike in its first look, bear with it and polish it well for your dream look. Additionally, it’s the power of the bike that you dream more than the look, right?


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Last Updated on January 1, 2022

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