​Adjusting Your Bike Saddle Position [​Bike Seat Adjust]

Adjusting Your Bike Saddle Position

​This link shows you how to adjust your seat (or commonly known as the saddle to cyclists) position.

​This is a nice a straight forward article that uses lots of photos to help back up the wording and the details. There are typically two types of seat post attachments and both are described in the article.

​The basic procedure is to measure the saddle position relative to your handlebars and then either slide it forward or backwards depending on where your body size dictates. Obviously sliding is only allowed once the seat bolts are loosened.

​Note: the article assumes you know how far fore or aft you need to move your seat.

​Besides moving backwards and forwards, seats can also be angled up or down. The article describes how to do each using very nice photos and descriptions.

​If you are like me (i.e. have long legs compared to the rest of the body) no worries; this article also provides what they call a “pro tip”. Sometimes your initial seat configuration limits you on how far fore and aft you can take it. This tip provides a neat method for extending that fore and aft range.

​All in all, the position of your saddle is very important if you want to ride comfortably and minimize the stress that your riding places on your legs. It really is amazing the difference you feel when you ride a bike that has a properly adjusted seat. Believe me, I tried both.

​Have you had the experience of riding a bike that was not adjusted properly? How did you fix the problem? I’d love to hear from you!

Robert Flaherty

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