Best Mountain Bikes Under 500 Dollars [Reviews And Buying Guide]

Best Mountain Bikes Under 500 Dollars [Reviews And Buying Guide 2017]

Do you want to buy a good mountain bike with a tight budget? Then, you will need help in finding the best mountain bikes under 500 dollars.

There are many mountain bikes available in the market with different price tags. If you have tips to buy top mountain bikes under 500 dollars, you can make a decision very easily.

In order to make your purchase mission comfortable, we have made a short list of the best 9 mountain bikes. As a result, you will not face any trouble to find the best mountain bike for your next campaign. Read the following reviews on mountain bike to get help making the right decision.

We have researched and picked the best mountain bikes available in the market. Therefore, you will not need to spend hours to hours for finding the best as well as affordable mountain bikes for beginners.

Note: This is just an idea. Most bikes are priced under $500, but there are a few bikes that may exceed this price range.

Best Mountain Bikes Under 500 Dollars

1.Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bicycle, Matte Black, 29-Inch

This is an aluminum mountain frame bike for crazy bikers. This is a perfect mountain bike for the beginners because this is an affordable model. While the quality of the bike is not bad at all.

The front suspension fork will give you a better control over the bike. On the other hand, the 29-inch wheel will give you good height and riding experience. Don’t worry about the wheels because they are standard in quality. Alloy wheels are used for the bike to ensure smooth riding opportunity. The quick release front feature increases the speed of the wheels when you are in full speed.

The Shimano 21 speed rear derailleur ensures good speed of the mountain bike. Moreover, the SRAM twist shifter is very smooth and quick in action. Therefore, you can change the gear at any time smoothly to cope with the speed.

You will be delighted because of the breaking power of the mountain bike. Both front and rear linear pull brakes are perfect for a mountain bike. Therefore, there is no risk of accident because you can stop the bike whenever you want.

Features of this bike

  • Lightweight Aluminum mountain bike frame
  • 29” alloy wheels with super control power
  • Shimano 21 speed ear derailleur with superb brakes
  • Smooth suspension for comfortable riding on off-road action

2.Mongoose Women’s Status 2.2 Full Suspension Bicycle

Mongoose Women’s Status 2.2 full suspension mountain bike is one of the leading bikes for female mountain bikers because of its features. The color combination and design are perfect for a lady biker. The designers keep the female choice in mind while designing the bike. Therefore, the matte purple is used as a color of the mountain bike.

The lightweight aluminum frame reduces the weight of the bike to help the bikers enjoy riding. Moreover, the 26-inch wheels with powerful linear brakes have made the bike perfect for women.

The Shimano TZ-30 rear derailleur ensures 21 speeds that are very common in the mountain bikes. Moreover, the SRAM twist shifter gives quick and comfortable shifting opportunity to the bikers. The V-brakes will give you full control over the bike, even in adverse weather conditions.

Don’t worry about the quality of the mountain bike wheels. They are made of aluminum and magnesium instead of steel. Therefore, the weight of the wheels is lower than other normal mountain bikes’.

Features of  This Bicycle

  • Lightweight Aluminum Body Frame
  • Perfect Matte Purple Color Design For Women
  • 21-Speed Shimano TZ-30 Rear Derailleur Gear Option
  • V-Style Powerful Linear Brakes
  • SRAM Twist Shifters For Smooth Riding
  • 26-Inch Aluminum And Magnesium Made Wheels

3.GMC Topkick Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

This is an expensive mountain bike for the crazy bikers. The sturdy bike frame and dual suspension make the price higher for the bikers. Normally, the experienced bikers prefer to buy this mountain bike because of the price and special features to get better skill.

However, this does not mean beginners can’t ride the bike. The features are standard for the experienced bikers. The 21-speed mountain bike makes it perfect for all weather rides. On the other hand, GMC bike offers strong aluminum made wheel set for the riders. As a result, the quality of the wheels is world-class. If you want to have a comfortable riding on off-road action, this is the perfect mountain bike to purchase.

Micro shift push shifters and Shimano TZ-30GS derailleur give a big advantage to the riders. Both of the featuresensure full safety and smooth gear shifting when you will ride the bike. Moreover, you will not need to slow down for changing the gear. The dual suspension ensures you can change the gear whenever you want.

Features of  This Bicycle

  • Sturdy aluminum fame mountain bike
  • Dual suspension with strong aluminum wheels
  • Perfect Promax disk brakes for all condition control
  • 21-speed gear with Shimano TZ-30GS Derailleur

4.Critical Cycles Beaumont-7 Seven Speed Lady’s Urban City Commuter Bike

Critical Cycles Beaumont-7 Seven Speed Lady's Urban City Commuter Bike

This is one of the best bikes that are especially designed for women. The engineers focus on the design and color combination very much. If you are a woman, this is the best Urban City Commuter Bike for you. The seat adjustment and Comfort level are perfect for a female to ride a bike.

If you want to know about the feature of the bike, this is an aluminum framed light weight bike. Therefore, this is easy to be picked by any woman in a short time. On the other hand, the full suspension feature ensures high quality performance to the ladies.

There is a special suspension fork for the lady bikers to increase the control. The SRAM twistshifters are good addition to the ladies bike to give easy gear changing option. Moreover, the frame design is perfect and provides smooth bumps in bad conditioned roads.

The linear pull brakes are very easy to handle to stop the bike at any time. Moreover, the brakes are efficient to stop the bike even in the adverse conditions. The alloy rims make it more durable and comfortable for the girls.

Features of  This Bicycle

  • A perfect design for the woman mountain bikers
  • SRAM twist shifters for smooth gear changing
  • Lightweight & Durable Wheels
  • Perfect linear pull brakes for adverse condition

5.Stowabike 26" MTB V2 Folding Dual Suspension 18 Speed Shimano Gears Mountain Bike Black

Stowabike 26" MTB V2 Folding Dual Suspension 18 Speed Shimano Gears Mountain Bike Black

Do you want to buy a cool looking mountain bike? Then, this will be your first choice because of the attractive design with white-black combination. The 26-inch steel Stowabike folding frame is used in order to make the bike durable and perfect for the beginners.

The alloy body spring is a good combination for the bike. The zoom steel fork will give you the best support in the toughest road conditions. Therefore, the bike offers better performance along with smooth riding experience.

The linear bike brakes always protect you in any road condition. No matter what your speed and road condition are, you can always control your bike efficiently.

The price of the mountain bike is very affordable compared to the other bikes. For that reason, this is a perfect model for the tight best budget mountain bikes. Moreover, the brakes and paddles are replaceable easily.

As a result, you can buy extra parts later and join them easily. No problem for storing the bike either unties the parts or not. However, you may have complained about the speed of the bike because speed is comparatively low.

Features of  This Bicycle

  • 26-inch aluminum bike frame
  • Perfect zoom steel suspension fork for comfortable riding
  • Easy to assemble and store
  • Alloy body and wheel for durability
  • Lightweight body with average speed

6.Mongoose Men’s Dolomite Fat Boys Tire Cruiser Bike, 26 inch

Do you want to purchase an expensive mountain bike with wider wheels? Then, this is a perfect mountain bike for you that design with steel cruiser style frame. You will surely like the 4-inch wide wheel set with powerful disc brakes.

Moreover, Shimano rear derailleur makes gear changing smoother than other bikes. 7 speed gearing will offer you real speed to ride alone or with other riders. Don’t worry about the seats and pedals because they are very high quality and comfortable.

You will get quality riding time when you have the mountain bike. The wide wheel ensures you a smooth riding experience in any tough terrains. Everyone wants to have the quality pair of wide wheels like in the bike because they leave the greatest impression to the mountain bike lovers. In addition, the frame is durable enough along with comfortable seat to ride for a long time.

7.Merax Finiss 26″ Aluminum 21 Speed Mountain Bike with Disc Brakes

Do you want to ride a lightweight mountain bike with your friends? Then, this bike might be a good selection because it is only 33 lbs. the heat treated aluminum frame is very durable and lightweight for riding. In addition, the quality of the double wall aluminum rims wheels is awesome to roll for any rider.

Don’t worry about the speed level because Merax mountain bike provides 21-speed with derailleurs and shifters for smooth shifting. Therefore, this is very easy to ride the 26-inch mountain bike at a real speed.

Some mountain bikes have problems in brakes. However, this provides front and rear disc brakes that are very powerful to stop the mountain bike easily. Moreover, the suspension fork ensures smooth bumps when you are riding on tough terrains.

8.Diamondback Bicycles Atroz Comp Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Diamondback Bicycles Atroz Comp Full Suspension Mountain Bike

This is regarded as an affordable as well as a durable mountain bike. Diamondback considers high tensile steel frame for the bike that makes it durable. The 27.5-inch wheels are good enough to support you for a long time and easy to roll for long distance.

You will always have a comfortable ride on the mountain bike because of its full suspension fork. This will help you to ride in the rough terrains easily by absorbing bumps. Moreover, the professional linear pull brakes will give you power to stop the mountain bike whenever you want. As a result, you will never need to worry about any accident.

The 10-speed drivetrain gear range is good enough for riding a mountain bike. The gear shifters are smooth and easy to change. Moreover, the seat is comfortable to ride as a starter. However, you can also change the seat and paddle later if you want to replace with the best quality!

9.Diamondback Bicycles El Oso Complete Fat Bike

Diamondback Bicycles El Oso Complete Fat Bike

This is an affordable and perfect bike because this is designed with 26-inch wheel and prefect frame. The frame is made of 6061-T6 aluminum frame with hydroformed tubes, therefore, this could be heavy weight but durable.

In order to provide smooth riding experience, the brand includes front-suspension. Therefore, you ride the mountain bike in the roughest terrains.

Linear full front and rear brakes ensure the stopping power and give a secure ride time. Moreover, 20 speed freewheel is a good addition mountain bike. It will improve the experience and your kid can easily move to the next mountain bike.

Why You Should Buy Best MTB Under 500?

Why You Should Buy Best MTB Under 500?
  • Best budget mountain bikes
  • This is your first mountain bike
  • You are not interested to buy expensive bikes
  • You don’t have much time to spend for riding bicycle

Low budget is one of the reasons of buying low priced mountain bikes.. If you are a beginner, you should buy an average priced mountain bike first. Thus, you should buy a bike more than 500 dollars. This will improve your cycling experience and skill very much.

On the other hand, you may not continue riding bike for a long time. Many of you feel excited to buy a mountain bike quickly. However, the excitement reduce as time passes. As a result, investing less is good for you in the first bicycle.

At last, the busy people who do not have much time to spend on riding, should buy cheap mountain bikes. If you can hardly manage 1 or 2 hours per week, investing 1000 dollars for a bike will not be a wise move.

So, these are the reasons, why you should buy bicycle under 500.

Who Should Buy Top Rated Mountain Bike Under 500?

Do you want to buy a good quality mountain bike? Then, you will need to do research to find the best mountain bike. When you research, you will find different price ranges of the bikes. Generally, the price level starts from $150 to nearly $1,000.

You will also get the best mountain bike under 1000 dollars very easily. You will need to research well, consider the pros and cons of each of the mountain bike to make decision.

Some mountain bikes offer replaceable parts like paddles, hand brakes and others. Therefore, you can purchase mountain bike under 300 dollars and join expensive parts later.

The seasonal bikers should also buy the bikes under 500 dollars. The bikes of the seasonal bikers always remain in the storage room.


By time, you have a great deal of idea about the mountain bikes and its price. Generally, bikes under 500 dollars especially 300 dollars are made for the beginners. For that reason, you can buy the affordable bikes first, then, proceed to expensive bikes later.

This will give you the best experience of biking in a short time. Focus on our best mountain bike reviews if you are confused to select a bike for you. If you want to invest a high amount of money at the start, you are going wrong. Follow our guideline and tips in order to become a skilled biker.

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