Best Commercial Recumbent Exercise Bike

Best Commercial Recumbent Exercise Bike

If you are looking for the best commercial recumbent exercise bike, then this review article can help you to choose the ultimate option according to your requirements and needs.

We have discussed eleven commercial grade recumbent exercise bikes that you can use on a commercial basis either at the gym or office.

11 Top Commercial Recumbent Exercise Bike Review 2023

Here are our the 11 best commercial recumbent exercise bike reviews 2023.

1. NordicTrack NTEX76016

NordicTrack NTEX76016

Product Specification:

  • Display: 5 inches backlit display
  • Seat: adjustable and comfortable
  • Maximum weight capacity: 350 pounds
  • Frame warranty: ten years
  • Best for twenty-five resistance level

The Nordic Track NTEX76016 is one of the finest recumbent bikes for commercial use. The bike has twenty-five levels of resistance that provide a wide range of intensity to your workout. You can choose the resistance manually and fix the intensity of your workout according to your requirement. The variety of intensity will permit you to set your workout routine in a diversified form. This wide-range of intensity makes this recumbent bike for commercial gyms, office use, etc.

The oversized and adjustable seat of the bike can accommodate users with different height and inseam range. Five inches backlit monitor includes the bike that tracks the strokes, duration, distance, and calorie burn on a real-time basis. With the real-time performance data, you can state your fitness level that helps to estimate your next target and progress towards the current goal.

The dimension of the bike is 61.1 x 24.2 x 54.6 inches and the maximum user weight capacity of the bike is 350 pounds which enables heavily weighted people to do a workout on this home-friendly bike.

The bike will offer you plenty of extra facilities as built-in speakers with high sound quality that makes the workout more enjoyable. Bottle holder helps to keep you hydrated during the workout and the included transport wheels make the movement and storage of the bike handy which means you can easily keep the bike anywhere at your home at your convenience.NordicTrack provides a frame warranty for long ten years, parts warranty for two years, and labor warranty for one year which offers a tension-free use of the bike.


2. Nautilus Recumbent Bike Series

Nautilus Recumbent Bike Series

Product specification:

  • Display: LCD monitor
  • Maximum user weight: 300 pounds
  • Bluetooth connectivity: available
  • Resistance level: twenty-five
  • Best for a large and cushioned seat

The Nautilus bike is one of the most demanded recumbent bikes nowadays. The adjustable seat of the bike will offer the user of any height to use the bike comfortably and without any pressure to their body. The comfortable cushioned seat is on a sliding rail that gives maximum level of comfort and motivates you to do exercise for a long period.

This recumbent bike has 25 levels which allow the users to fix the intensity of the workout according to their need and fitness level that means a user of any fitness level can use this recumbent bike. The bike has 29 built-in workout programs that are customizable too. The backlit LCD display which has a dual-track option shows the performance data on a real-time basis as time, distance, speed, amount of calorie burns, etc.

The dimension of this bike is65.3″ L x 28.3″ W x 49.6″ H and the weight of the bike is 91.9 pounds. The sturdy and heavy construction bike makes it long-lasting and durable. The maximum weight capacity of the bike is 300 pounds which means heavily weighted people can do exercise on this bike.

The bike comes with plenty of secondary features as well, for instance, Bluetooth connectivity, an app tracking tool that helps to observe your progress whenever you want, user can set, etc.


3. Schwinn Recumbent Bike Series

Schwinn Recumbent Bike Series

Product specification:

  • Drive system: High-speed drive system
  • Resistance level: twenty
  • Preset programs: twenty-two
  • Display: LCD monitor
  • Best for goal tracking system

The Schwinn Bike has an incredible feature which is goal tracking. With this goal track mechanism, you can set your own workout goal on the bike and do your exercise accordingly. This mechanism helps to track your progress and to take further steps accordingly. You don’t have to do workout blindly and without any idea with this bike rather you can track your progress to achieve your target.

The belt drive system of the bike provides a smoother start and speedier workout experience. The bike has twenty levels of resistance that is truly a wide range that provides a variety of intensity to your workout. This bike has 22 pre-built programs for a wide range of workouts. Here nine programs are for a profile, eight for heart rate control, two for the fitness test, and one quick start. These programs will make your workout easy and simple.

There are two LCD screens that come along with the bike which is easily visible and readable. The monitor shows the performance data like time, distance, speed, calorie burns, and most importantly the goal tracking updates.


4. ProForm 440 ES Exercise Bike

ProForm 440 ES Exercise Bike

Product specification:

  • Lumbar support: oversized
  • Workout programs: thirty-two
  • Maximum user weight capacity: 350 pounds
  • Resistance level: twenty-five
  • Best for heavier flywheel

The ProForm 440 recumbent bike has a heavier flywheel and we know that a heavier flywheel means a more intense and more effective workout experience. The weight of the flywheel is 18 pounds which are quite heavier and when you pedal with a heavier flywheel you will experience a more controlled movement with fewer jerks than light-weighted flywheels.

The adjustable console of the recumbent bike will offer you more comfort during your workout time. The step-through design of this recumbent bike will help you to mount and unmounts very easily and effortlessly. The seat of the recumbent bike is very much comfortable, especially for its large lumbar support.

The lumbar support will back will lumbar bones that will help you to do workout for a longer period without any discomfort. Moreover, the easy adjustment of the seat allows anyone with any height level doing work out and riding on this bike.

The display is multi-functional which shows the performance information like speed, time, calories burned, distance, heart rate, current resistance level, etc. You can easily track your performance update with the information and the backlit of the monitor will help you to fix the settings. The transport wheels of the recumbent bike enhance the movability and make the storage easy and convenient. The dimension of the recumbent bike is 60.24 x 25.75 x 15 inches and the weight is 142 pounds.

There are twenty-five resistance levels in this recumbent bike that will offer you different intensity levels in your workout. The thirty-two built-in workout programs give diversified settings and workout profiles to different users according to their requirements. People having weight up to 350 pounds can ride on this bike for its heavier user weight capacity. The manufacturers provide a 1-year warranty for the labor, 2 years for the parts, and a lifetime warranty for the frame.


5. Sunny Health & Fitness Programmable Recumbent Bike

Sunny Health & Fitness Programmable Recumbent Bike

Product Specification:

  • Workout mechanisms: 12 preset programs
  • Seat: comfortable and wide
  • Display: electronic color monitor
  • Device holder: available
  • Best for sixteen magnetic resistance level

The sunny health commercial grade recumbent bike will offer you a sixteen wide range of resistance levels so that you can customize the intensity and the power of your workout to achieve your goal more effectively and efficiently. So beginners, as well as advanced level users, can do biking with this recumbent bike that makes the bike suitable for all the family members at home.

This bike offers 12 preset programs that offer a variety of workout experience. There are options for manual, user customization, wattage, and targeted heart rate programs available on the bike. This program helps the beginners to start workout steadily and the advanced level users can define their cycling fitness too.

An integrated electronic color monitor shows the performance data as speed, time, and rotation/minute, amount of calorie burn, pulse, distance, and wattage that helps to track the performance efficiency.

The bike has a wide seat which allows users with different inseam levels to do a workout on this bike. You will find it very easy to mount on the bike for its user-friendly design.

Moreover, the pedals are wide as well in which you can keep your feet comfortably and the straps help to keep your feet secured and guards from slipping. The bike includes a device holder that you can use for keeping your phone or tablet to watch your favorite show or to enjoy some refreshing music.


6. Precor RBK 615

Precor RBK 615 Commercial Series Recumbent Exercise Cycle

Product specification:

  • Resistance mechanism: air
  • Weight: 200 pounds
  • Pedals design: duel sided
  • Preset workout programs: six
  • Best for Heart-rate monitoring sensor

The Precor RBK commercial grade recumbent bike has a sensor for heart-rate monitoring via a chest strap. The heart-rate sensor will allow you to monitor your heart-rate and will let you know the maximum level of rate when you do exercise which is a great thing.

The dimension of the commercial recumbent bike is 66 x 23 x 49 inches and the weight is 200 pounds. The air resistance mechanism system will give you the ultimate force and intensity to your workout. The easy step-up design helps to step up and down from the bike effortlessly. The dual-sided pedals offer comfortable and secured pedaling and prevent slippage.

The air flexible seat with a higher level of ventilation and back support will be backing up your backbone and give the minimum amount of stress during a workout. There are six built-in programs in the commercial recumbent exercise bike and the programs are hill climb, weight loss, random, heart-rate control, interval, and manual. The manufacturers provide 10 years warranty for parts and wear items and a lifetime warranty for the welds and frame.


7. Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike

Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike

Product specification:

  • Resistance level: eight
  • Seat design: cushioned and adjustable
  • Warranty: two years
  • Display: LCD monitor
  • Best for strong material and construction

The Marcy Magnetic commercial recumbent bike is a sturdy and hard recumbent bike due to its heavy-duty steel material and construction. The material of the commercial-grade recumbent bike is 14-gauge premium quality steel tubing which gives the ultimate strength to the recumbent bike. Moreover, the powder coating increases the durability of the bike. Because of the powerful construction of the bike, it can accommodate users up to 250 pounds.

There is eight magnetic resistance level in this bike that gives different levels of intensity to your workout. The fully adjustable cushioned seat can accommodate people with different leg lengths. Moreover, the padded backrest can give the optimal level of comfort to your back and permits you to do workout for a longer duration without any trouble in your joints.

The LCD screen of the bike is oversized which makes it easily readable that helps to track your progress on a real-time basis. The screen shows distance, speed, time, calories, pulse rate, heartbeat, etc. The overall features of the recumbent bikes make them suitable for commercial use. The manufacturers provide two years warranty that will leave you tension-free and make the investment-worthy.


8. Diamondback 510SR

Diamondback 510SR Fitness Recumbent Bike

Product specification:

  • Resistance level: sixteen
  • Display: LCD monitor
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Speaker system: MP3 connectivity
  • Best for twenty workout programs

The Diamondback recumbent bike has pre-installed twenty workout programs that allow the user to set different programs for diversifying their workout. This facility will help you to meet your requirements and will boost up your goal achievement. There is also a targeted heart rate program to define your maximum heart rate during a workout. The sixteen resistance level of the bike will allow you to set the resistance level from zero to sixteen with simple control.

The back and seat base of the bike is sculptured that gives an effective workout experience to the riders. There is also an adjustable armrest and console which makes the workout smoother. You can also stop the bike instantly in case of any emergency to avoid any kind of unexpected incident.

The built-in LCD display gives feedback on performance as time, speed, duration, calories burned, etc. on a real-time basis. There are also program keys for quick setup and also scrolling system available on the monitor.

There is a wide range of secondary facilities available such as cup holders, cooling fans which is also an adjustable and foldable magazine rack. The included speaker with MP3 connectivity will allow you to enjoy your favorite music. The manufacturers of the diamond black bike provide a life-time warranty for the break and the frame, one year for the labor, three years of warranty for the parts and electronics, and ninety days of warranty for the wear items.


9. Exerpeutic 900XL

Exerpeutic 900XL

Product Specification:

  • Display: large LCD
  • Maximum user weight capacity: 300 pounds
  • Equipment mat: available
  • Resistance level: eight
  • Best for challenging cardio workout

The Exerpeutic recumbent bike provides numerous benefits to its riders and allows doing an efficient workout. The most amazing feature of this bike is it will provide the rider a challenging cardio workout experience which is the ultimate goal. Challenging cardio is favorable for both health as well as mind. This type of workout helps to achieve your fitness goal and minimizes stress simultaneously and provides a healthy lifestyle.

The bike consists of eight resistance level that provides an effective workout to the users of almost all fitness level. The beginners can start their workout keeping the resistance level lower and the advanced users can define their fitness level and progress to their ultimate goal with a higher fitness level. Different resistance levels help the user to customize their ride with different workout intensity.

The bike has a large display that is easily readable and shows information about heart rate, speed, time, calories burnt, distance, and duration. Another good thing about this bike is a PVC mat which is waterproof comes along with the bike. The foldable mat gives floor protection and reduces noise during your workout hence makes the bike suitable and usable both home and office.
The dimension of the bike is 54 x 34 x 22 inches and the weight is 63 pounds. The bike manufacturers will give you a one-year warranty on a limited basis.


10. XTERRA Fitness SB250

XTERRA Fitness SB250

Product Specification:

  • Pre-set programs: 12
  • Frame: sturdy and heavy-duty
  • Seat: padded and comfortable
  • Monitor: 5.5 inches LCD
  • Best for 24 resistance level

The XTERRA recumbent bike gives an amazing level of resistance which is wide twenty levels. Very few bikes in this range provide this much level of resistance. With the abundant level of resistance, you can adjust your workout intensity however you like which means you can do different types of workouts with only one recumbent bike. The multiple resistance system of the bike makes it suitable for both beginners and advanced level users.

This bike has a contoured back pad and padded seat which will give you a comfortable workout experience and allow you to do workout for a long duration. There are twelve built-in programs in this bike among which one watt, four users, one body fat, five HR, and one manual program.

The heavy-duty construction of the bike makes it long-lasting and durable and also supports heavy weight thus makes the machine capable of taking heavily weighted people. The 5.5 inches LCD monitor wills show you the program profile, distance, time, calories burnt, rpm, resistance level, and pulse.


11. Marcy Regenerating Recumbent Exercise Bike

Marcy Regenerating Recumbent Exercise Bike

Product specification:

  • Seat: padded and adjustable
  • Maximum user weight cap: 300 pounds
  • A requirement of electric connection: not required
  • Resistance level: twenty-four
  • Best for 23 built-in programs

Marcy regenerating bike is another suitable option for a commercial recumbent exercise bike. As there are twenty-three built-in programs in this bike it helps the users to go through an effective workout and achieve their goal according to their age, gender, and fitness level.

Moreover, there are also twenty-four resistance levels in this bike which are manually adjustable that offer different and diversified force as well as intensity to the exercise. The built-in numerous programs and diversified intensity adjustability jointly provide an effective workout experience.

The solid and heavy-duty steel-made frame makes the bike sturdy and long-lasting. The seat is adjustable and padded which can accommodate users of different body structures, and the seat system is lever based which makes the seat adjustment more convenient. Moreover, the pedals have straps that balance the feet and reduces the chance of slipping hence ensure effective pedaling.

The multifunctional LCD monitor tracks and shows all the performance information on a nearly accurate and real-time basis as the speed, time, calorie burned, distance, pulse, etc. The LED backlight of the LCD monitor makes it easy to see the numbers of the monitor.

The dimension of the product is 57 inches in length, 24 inches in width, and 42 inches in height, and the maximum user weight capacity of the bike is 300 pounds. People with the age range of 10-99 can do a workout on this recumbent bike. The bike has a 3.5-millimeter jack input and does not require any electrical connection. You can simply start to pedal wherever you like without any electric connection.


The recumbent bike is one of the most used and effective exercise equipment for users of different levels.

Here we tried to elaborately state the ins and outs of some best commercial recumbent exercise bike for our audience so that they can choose and get the best-suited commercial grade recumbent bike. Still, we will suggest the NordicTrack recumbent bike for its better qualities.

Last Updated on September 18, 2023

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