has created this site as a result of his wanting to give back to the biking community. There has been so much that he has learned over the years from his peers that he now feels it is time to try and help others. The hope is that this site will be able to do just that.

Cycling is a huge passion of Bill’s and one of his goals is to try and make it as contagious for you as well. While we all love to ride, there are going to be times when you need to make minor adjustments or repairs to your bicycle. The site is set up is such a way that you can find the information that you need and use it as a resource on your own bike.

There are many little tweaks and fixes for your bike that most people don’t know about or just choose to ignore. Unfortunately, these same people tend to learn the hard way when they require a repair while out on the road or the trail. The information on this site will help you keep your bike if tip top shape and also prepare you for any minor incidents that you may have to deal with.